How to change a belly button ring


To change body jewelry like belly button rings can be a bit difficult, especially if you are doing it for the first time.Removing the body jewelry from belly piercing can create a hole, that will shrink at faster rate, may be even in some seconds. This can bring great difference while changing your belly button ring. If you don’t take care of it properly, then it can be quiet a frustrating experience. You can change the belly piercing jewelry on your own or by going to a professional who can do it for free. However, it is no harm to change the belly piercing jewelry at home by following proper care and consideration; you must know the right technique to avoid pain and injury and get comfortable with changing your belly button ring. By learning this you can surely show off your piercing.

Difficulty Level


Time Required

1-2 hours

Resources Required

1. Water

2. Soap

3. Disposable wipes

4. Antiseptic cleaner

6. Cotton ball

7. New belly button ring


1. Maintaining hygiene

Before starting the changing process make sure you clean your hands with water and soap or some liquid sanitizer. Clean your stomach skin around the naval piercing with the saline wipe. Throw the wipe and rub a new saline wipe on top and bottom of the belly button jewelry.

2. Getting the jewelry out

Hold the bottom of navel jewelry with left hand. The bottom side will have large bead than the top bead. Push the jewelry slowly in upward direction towards the navel top.

3. Separating the top bead

You have to turn the bead on the left side with right hand while looking at the torso. Notice the threads, which are attached to the bead as top bead loosens. Continue turning the bead till it is not attached to the curved shaft of the belly button ring. Put the top bead somewhere in a good place so that you can use it in future and dispose of the other bead. As you get the bottom bead down with left hand make sure you hold the jewelry straight. You must do this as the shaft passes through top and bottom holes of the navel piercing.

4. Cleaning the pierced area

Once you unscrew and separate the bottom and the top beads, you are free to use the new one. Again make sure you clean the pierced area and the new jewelry with saline wipes, and screw the bottom of the new piece back on the bottom of your ring.

5. Placing the new one

You must thread the new piece through belly button and prevent it with the end pieces. Some jewelry doesn’t need the closure piece. Once you have changed the jewelry, you have to keep an eye on the piercing if there is any kind of irritation taking place. If you sense something hot or itchy then apply antibiotic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I change the belly button ring?

If you have done a new piercing, keep in mind that it takes nearly 12 months to get healed properly. Hence you have to take extra care while changing the belly button ring. Make sure your belly button piercing has healed thoroughly, before you start changing your belly button ring as and when you want.

2. Is customizing belly button ring possible?

Belly button rings are longer than standard jewelry, which can get used to initial swelling accompanying the piercing trauma. If you are going to change your belly button ring for the first time then you get a good chance to customize your piercing looks and select different gems, metals, charms, and colors that suit most of your style.

Quick Tips

1. If you are not comfortable to change your belly button ring on your own, then talk to a health care expert or piercing expert.

2. Make sure you maintain hygiene by washing your hands before and after changing the belly button ring.

3. You can use disposable paper products to dry the piercings.

Things to Watch Out for

1. You have to make sure that you don’t change the piercing too soon or without any need.

2. While performing any physical activity like exercise, make sure you take extra care of the piercing.

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