How to Make a Fake Belly Button Ring

Fake belly button rings are said to be cool jewelry items which you can buy and wear. This jewelry is just like belly button piercing but does’nt need actual piercing to be done. Such jewelry can be perfect to know the look for naval piercing before you make it for real or if you cannot get a real belly piercing done. One benefit of using fake belly piercing ring is that you can try any colors and designs which can go well with the outfit. You don’t have to take the pain to get the real ring out from pieced navel. Fake belly button ring can be replaced easily without any pain. Another advantage is that you won’t get any kind of infection or wound and are completely safe, whereas the real piercing can cause infection if proper care is not take.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: 1-2 hours

Resources required:

  1. Dangle earring
  2. Eyelash glue
  3. Needle-nose pliers
  4. Rhinestone stickers


  1. Get the dangle earning which is not so bulky and have good length. You can also string a bead into the jewelry wire and bend it half and make it into a dangling shape.
  2. If you get the dangle earring the take off the hook from the earring with help of pliers and make sure that you leave behind the top loop of the earring.
  3. If you make a dangle shape jewelry then add beads to the wire bit longer as per your choice. You can make the wire long enough so that it can come out of the belly button and then tie the stringed beads.
  4. With the help of eyelash glue attach the earring and place some glue on top side of the belly button. Once you do this paste the earring with the glue. For perfect stick you can pull the skin out a little.
  5. You can also use a rhinestone sticker above the belly button; this will look as if there are two parts to the piercing and give it a real look. Fix it properly so that it can stay for long and will look real.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do fake belly button rings hurt?

Actually, the answer completely depends on the individual. If person have high threshold for pain and if you ask him this question then obviously you will get no answer. Some will describe it as slight pinch if you put it first. However, due to new innovations and different materials used, the flexibility level of not getting pain increases and you will also forget the you have a belly button ring until you get compliments on it.

2. What are different techniques to put fake belly button ring?

There are many fake button rings available in the market. It cost depends on the quality they offer. Such rings create the impression of pierced belly button even if it is not done actually. This is the best part of such fake piercing. In market fake belly piercing come with the clip which you can place it on the navel. This will hold the piercing. Other than this you also get magnetic studs which are good substitute for real belly rings. You can also use glue on the belly button ring for better intact.

Quick Tips

  1. Never make the belly button ring as it would not look that great
  2. You can place tape until it dries completely
  3. You can select any color and make it as per your dress
  4. You can also paint the string or bead, if you want to make it look different.

Things to Consider

  1. You can carry the glue, if you need to give a touch up anywhere.
  2. If you think that glue is hurting your skin then remove it by applying lotion on it.
  3. If you are using eyelash glue then be careful with were you will be applying as it is very sticky.

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