5 Effective ways to remove a henna tattoo

Removing henna tattoos

Henna is an extract derived from the mignonette tree which is a flowering plant. The red henna when applied in the form of a tattoo has a longer effect though it is temporary in nature. If you wish to speed up the process of henna tattoo fading then you can follow certain measures however there is no instant method of removal. But some removal tips can truly come handy when it is important to clear out that henna design from your skin. Here are a few things you can do for a quick fading process.

1. Soaking the skin

When a henna tattoo is designed over your skin then the dye affects the top layer of the skin leaving a mark over it. Thus if one had to remove this tattoo then the best way would be to shed out the upper layer of the skin. This can be successfully done by soaking the skin in warm water. Warm water allows the skin pores to open up and shed out hence exposing the fresh layer of skin. The entire process would speed up the tattoo removal.

2. Scrubbing of the tattoo

You can scrub of the upper layer of the skin by using a loofah. The process of exfoliation through scrubbing would definitely fade off the Henna tattoo to a significant level. The reason associated is that the dead and dry skin which form the upper layer is released during scrubbing and the fresh layer comes up. One should note that the exfoliation should be conducted in a moderate manner. Extreme scrubbing can cause skin damage giving way to scrub sores and raw spots over the skin that would be painful and very ugly.

3. Application of home remedies and products

Every individual has some or the other remedy based on the removal of henna tattoos. Some claim that lemon juice works well in order to fade out the design, others say that a toothpaste with whitening effect can be great. Many even believe that exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight will radically fasten the fading process. Well the level of effectiveness associated with these claims may vary but they do make some sense after all. So trying a natural bleaching agent in short and simple terms can be useful.

4. Cream it up

Creams that are formulated for moisturizing and skin renewal are a great way to help skin regenerate quickly. Above that they have a slightly acidic character which cleans out the upper layer of the skin. This can be effectively applied to the tattooed area however it should be noted that using it excessively and too often can damage the skin. But moderate application does help a lot.

5. Keep patience

Even though we have discussed about several methods that can fasten up the removal process of your henna tattoo but still it is advisable to let it go off on its own. The natural period of fading simply takes a few weeks. If its visibility is such a big problem then you can cover up the tattooed area with a foundation close to your skin tone.

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