Top 10 extreme body modifications from all over the world

Extreme body modifications

Want to look like a tiger or a zebra, or perhaps even like a snake. Yes, you can look however you want with extreme body modifications. Body modifications are purposeful altering of the body to make it look like something you want. Piercing and tattooing are majorly used for modifying the body. Most of the people who undergo the modifications do it for some purpose, either for entertainment or covering some kind of problem they have. Some of them do it for standing apart from the crowd. The people who undergo the body modifications are usually tattoo freaks who love to get etched all over. These are people who love to get a tattoo on their body. But, something that stops them from doing it all over is the dilemma and pain involved in the process. Let us have a look at 10 weirdest body modifications from around the world.

1. The lizard man

The lizard man

Eric Sprague has become extremely popular as the lizard man. Born on June 12 at Fort Campbell in 1972, he became a side show performer and a freak show artist. He is well known for his modification of his sharp teeth, green scales tattoo all over the body , sub dermal implants, green-inked lips, and bifurcated tongue.

2. Cat man

The cat man

Dennis Avner, popularly known as the cat man, was born on August 27 in 1958. He has undergone some extreme body modifications to resemble a tiger. He even spent a lot of resources in order to surgically change his body to deliberately look like a tiger. He loves to be known as the Stalking Cat. He has to his credit the world record for the most number of modifications on the body.

3. Living art

The living art

Etienne Dumont or the living art is a tattoo freak. He has numerous tattoos from his head to toe. He has some silicone implants on the head to give a special look and feel. Plexiglas piercings can be found under his lower lip and on the nose. There are a titanium ring on his left hand, 70 mm diameter rings on the earlobes, etc. Two horns adorn his head too.

4. Zombie boy

The zombie boy

The Zombie boy or Rick Genest was born in 1985, on August 7. The model from Canada has the tattoo of zombie all over his body. He spent more than 24 hours and a lot of money to cover his body with these specific tattoos.

5. The enigma

The enigma

Paul Lawrence is more familiar as the enigma. He is also an actor, side show performer, and a musician who has done a lot of body modifications such as ear reshaping, horn implants, jigsaw puzzle all over the body, and multiple piercings.

6. The illustrated lady

The illustrated lady

The illustrated lady is Julia Gnuse. She was born in 1959. Almost all parts of her body (95%) are covered with tattoos. She even holds the Guinness Record for the most tattooed lady in the world. In her 30s, she contacted porphyria, a disorder that results in the formation of blisters all over when sunlight falls on the body. She began getting the tattoos done to protect her skin and cover the scars.

7. Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich is tattooed all over the body including his teeth. You cannot see anyone else with so many tattoos all over. The 1971 born New Zealander has tattoos even inside the foreskin, ears, and mouth. He holds the world record in 2006 for 100% tattoos on every part of the body.

8. Leopard man

The leopard man

There is no need to go to the forest to see a leopard. You can just meet Tom Leppard, more popularly called as the leopard man. He also holds the world record for being the most tattooed person in the world. He achieved the feat by spending over 5,500 pounds to get his whole body covered by leopard spots.

9. Zebra man

The zebra man

Another animal lover is none other than Horace Ridler who liked to be called as the Zebra man. He was a side show artist and a professional freak. He had his body tattooed fully with black and white stripes. Since then he began to be known by the name of the zebra man. He was born in 1892 and died in 1969.

10. Tiger lady

The tiger lady

The tiger lady or Katzen is a performance artist and a tattoo artist with full body tattoos with the tiger theme. All parts of her body wear extensive tattooing. She even has tiger whiskers on her face attached with piercings on the face. Katzen is the ex-wife of Paul Lawrence or the enigma.

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