4 – Extreme and uncommon piercings

An Elaborate Belly Button Piercing

Body Piercing seems to be the latest fashion fad. After all, it makes you look stylish and sexy. To add to that, it makes a statement that is loud, concise and clear. It is one of the best forms of self-expression.

The most common piercing ornaments are –

  1. The nose stud
  2. The belly piercing
  3. Earrings  

Some of the piercings are very common while some others not so much. For instance, earrings and a nose stud are very common phenomenon in a lot of countries but jewellery on the knuckles, not so much.

Here’s a list of a few uncommon types of piercing –

1.   Piercing the V!

Piercing the VOne of the most popular forms of piercing is doing it on the private parts. More often than not, it’s rings and trinkets. It can be in different areas but it sure as hell looks lovely and can come off as an alluring surprise factor when making love with someone new. Both men and women pierce their genitals in order to look pretty and make a statement. However, this kind of piercing is a delicate affair and hence, it is necessary to find the right kind of professional to do it for you. It might surprise you but genital piercing is an ancient art and a lot of tribes still follow the tradition.

2.   Piercing the Nipple

Piercing the Nipple

As astonishing as it might sound, nipple piercing isn’t as uncommon as one might perceive it to be. In fact, a lot of people have really cool and elaborate piercings on their nipples. This is obviously a practice that is common amongst tribal people. However, the modern, urban youth has also taken to it and has adopted the practice beautifully. After all, a pierced nipple does look quite appealing! The barbell is the most common choice for women whilst the bead ring appears to be the most common choice for men. Who knew one could make the nipple more adorable with jewellery!

3.   An Elaborate Belly Button Piercing

 An Elaborate Belly Button Piercing

Those belly button rings are surely one of the sexiest! From small belly button rings to tinkling bells, people have had all kinds of piercings on their navel. From huge hoops to beads and pearls, the navels have seen it all. Sometimes one wears small rings or studs in there which look as pretty as anything else.

While small rings or studs are common, a lot of people go the extra mile. An elaborate artwork is created around the navel through piercing. One of the best things about a navel piercing is that it doesn’t take a very long time to heal. Hence, it is easier to create as many details as you like here, over anywhere else.

All you have to do is maintain cleanliness and it’ll be ok in some time. Often, your body isn’t accepting of the piercing you decide on but if it is in the navel area, you have little to worry about. It might sound scary but remember that your actual navel isn’t the one that is being pierced, it is much likely that you’ll end up having a piercing in the upper rim of the navel over anywhere else.

However, there is more to body piercing than just the belly button.

4.   Piercing Atop your Butt Crack

Piercing Atop your Butt CrackSo, this is definitely one of the weirdest spots to have a piercing at. In fact, it is not for everyone! Only if you have suitable skin, you can get a piercing here. Now, it is common knowledge that low bottom pants expose the so called bum cleavage. A stud or a ring popping out of the area would definitely add to the person’s ‘oomph’ factor. It would be commendable to have a shiny silverfish stud at the spot. It would work like a charm!

At the end of the day, body art is just an expression of identity just like wearing clothes!  It is in fact more detailed because it lets you mark important life events, permanently. Moreover, it lets the artists earn some money! Lastly and most importantly, the art is beautiful and attractive. Therefore, if you have always wanted to have a body piercing, then this is your time!

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