Things to know before opting for piercings and tattoos

opting for piercings and tattoos

Tattoos and Piercings come with their own set of risks. The two most important things that can save you are –

  • Precaution
  • Aftercare

For, if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that, the risks only arise out of utter carelessness. Otherwise, the procedure is quite safe. After all, body art is nothing but a form of self-expression!

Other than risks, social pressure and fear of judgement can also stop people; even if they really vie for it! Hence, it is necessary to be mentally prepared and ready for it. Thus, one needs to do the following in order to be able to indulge into body art –

  1. Ensure proper precaution and aftercare
  2. Be mentally strong enough to deal with judgemental comments

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out!

Get to Know your Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist

Mostly, fear arises whence one is on unchartered territory. Thus, it would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the process. You should even get to know your tattoo artist and set a comfort zone with them. While a little nervousness is but natural, this will tone it down to several notches. Once you know the background of your tattoo artist, it will ease you into the knowledge that they know what they are doing! On the other hand, you may come to realise that you need a different one! It is a life changing decision for most people and hence, trust goes a long way!

Dealing with Constant Judgement from the Conservatives


This is invariable and unavoidable. Judgement apparently is human nature across the world. It is going to be hurtful at times but you will have to find ways to cope with it. You could either let it go or give it back. However, you, yourself will have to find a way. In fact, if you are so fragile that you cannot deal with judgement, then it is best that you do not even get a tattoo. For, if you have taken a decision, you must stick to it.

Do you have an allergy or a skin disease?

allergy Before getting tattooed, it is important to ensure that you’re not allergic and free of any skin disease. One might as well do a full health check-up so that they are completely in the clear. You have a lot more to deal with already and you don’t want to have to go through allergic diseases at this time. In fact, if there are certain medicines you take regularly, then also check if these can react chemically and cause an allergy.

A Pregnancy is Impending at Some Point in Time

If you are planning to get pregnant or are already expecting, then this is the worst decision that you could ever make. Not just in the short-term but even in the long-term. Many a time, snap second decisions have been regretted and this is going to be one of them. However, tattoo removal is something that can and should be done if need be. You might wonder why one is thinking of tattoo removal before even having had the tattoo. Well, pregnancy changes your body completely. Your body is going to go from extremely stretched to super loose and this will change the shape and size of your tattoo too!

Final Words

To sum it all up, while there are risks involved, you know there are precautions you can take. For instance, for something as simple as judgement and fear, you shall have to steel yourself and be prepared for that. If you are too nervous, then you might consider seeing a therapist. Remember, you are doing this for yourself and don’t need validation from anyone. So, all you have to do is, be ‘not afraid’ of the needle and be emotionally, mentally and physically ready for it. However, it is 2018 and it is supposed to be a rare phenomenon that you are getting judged for a tattoo; turns out, we have a long way to go!  

Lastly, remember that you have to care for it after you have had the tattoo. You must keep that part of the skin clean or you might catch an infection. Other than that, there is little to worry.   

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