Here’s what you need to know about helix piercing care

Helix piercing or cartilage piercing is something that involves piercing the upper ear cartilage.Usually, one wears earrings in this place. But one needs to take proper care of this type of piercing in order to ensure proper healing and to avoid infections.

Things you need to understand (Dos and Don’ts)

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Things that you must do are

  • Cleansing of the piercing with saline or clean plain water is important
  • Use hypoallergenic earrings in order to avoid infections
  • Always touch the piercing with clean hands
  • Eat well,sleep well and exercise regularly
  • Bed and pillow covers must be absolutely clean

Things you must not do are

  • Avoid use of soaps and chemical cleansers
  • Do not keep touching the piercing for any reason
  • Avoid breaking the crust that forms on the piercing as it is a part of the natural healing process
  • Avoid smoking and contact of the piercing with body fluids

Things you need to take care

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Once you are through with the helix piercing there are some aftercare tips that need to be followed for both forward and backwards helix piercing.

  • Before touching the fresh piercing wash your hands well and disinfect them and only then touch the piercing
  • Make sure that you neverallow anyone else to touch the fresh piercing because they might touch with unclean hands which can result in infection.
  • Make sure that when you do the piercing you clean it with the piercing liquid that is provided only after few hours have elapsed.
  • The earrings should not be changed for a minimum of 8 weeks from the time of piercing.

Tips to Clean your Helix Piercing

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  • Rinse the fresh piercing with clean water twice a day for the first three days. One can make use of a mild antibacterial soap for the purpose but make sure that it is removed completely and no residue is left behind. Dry the piercing with a clean tissue paper.
  • After the first three days the same procedure of cleaning has to be followed for the next 3 weeks but in addition on must gently move the earring in the perforation on a regular basis.
  • After 3 weeks avoid over cleaning as it can become a cause of irritation

Creating a style statement with the helix piercing is fine but one has to take care of the piercing till it heals completely. This will ensure that there is no infection and the healing process gets completed smoothly.

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