Collar bone piercing: Things you should know

Piercing is one of the most famous forms of body art. In their quest for something new people resort to some of the most difficult and different types of piercing. Collar bone piercing is one such unique type of piercing.

How safe is collar bone piercing procedure?

Collar bone piercing 1

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This type of surface piercing is a tough one. Before you go for collar bone piercing you should consult a body piercing professional of repute. Yes, this is a surface piercing which needs special technique and training and not anybody and everybody can do it.

Check with the person regarding the number piercings that he has carried out. Check with him his technique and all the safety measures that he will take while doing the surface piercing. This is an expensive but delicate type of piercing and therefore do not fall prey to a trickster just to save a few bucks.

Micro Dermal v/s Surface Piercing

Surface piercing involves passing the jewelry from underneath the skin and has two entry points. Micro dermal piercing has just one entry point. This type of piercing can be placed on any part of the body. You can use different types of jewelry in surface piercing but your body may reject them. A better option in case of surface piercing is using a 90 degrees barbell. For dermal piercings dermal anchor jewelry is used.

Collar bone piercing care

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Proper care has to be taken in order to prevent infection. The piercing has to be kept clean with the help of clean cotton ball dipped in a mild saline solution. Twist the piece of jewelry gently and remove the crusty blood layer.

Never touch the piercing with unclean hands. Do not try to remove the jewelry till the healing is completed. Eat foods that will help in the healing process. Drink lots of water and keep the body hydrated. Seek medical advice immediately if you notice persistent redness.

Collar bone piercing infections and complications

Persistent redness and inflammation can be seen in case the area gets infected. There will be a formation of pus in the area of infection. Jewelry rejection may also occur. There may be tremendous pain and constant irritation. In case of infections and complications, make sure that you get the piece of jewelry removed on priority by a professional expert.

Collar bone piercing appears cool but this form of piercing is not for everyone. You need to be ready to bear the pain and also be willing to take thorough precautions in order to avoid infections and complications.

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