Look at your classiest best with Steampunk inspired jewelry

An innovative and beautiful piece of artwork is Steampunkjewelry. This style of jewelry is a unique combination of vintage,imagination,gadgetry,science fiction and much more. This jewelry looks stylish and lovely. Mentioned below are few forms of Steampunkjewelry.

  1. Opal Steampunkgears industrial piercing bar body jewelry

Opal Steampunkgears industrial piercing bar body jewelry

Image Source : Cdn.Shopify.Com

To make your ears look charming, opt for these rings made from surgical grade stainless steel. This piece of art has barbells, additional silicon rings and 2 additional steel balls. Thisindustrial piercing bar body jewelry is available in dark colors. The multicolored piece of art looks very impressive.

  1. Steampunk earplug

Steampunk earplug

Image Source : Polyvore.Com

These earplugs come in pairs. They are in the form of metal plated tunnels that go big on their Steampunk inspiration. You can also pick stainless steel plugs which have screw fit designs.

  1. Electric Steampunk ear cuff

Electric Steampunk ear cuff

Image Source : Etsystatic.Com

Adorn your ears with electric Steampunk ear cuffs to look pretty. These are made from watch wheels,brass beads and artistic wire. They have an intricate and delicate design. You can get these in different gorgeous colors. They are truly an artistic piece of work.

  1. Steampunk pocket watch

Steampunk pocket watch

Image Source : Cloudfront.Net

If you thought pocket watches are outdated, you could not be more wrong. When you see the well-crafted Steampunk pocket watches, you will not be able to resist the temptation of buying one for yourself. They have a carved case design which looks classy. The chain, key pendant, trinkets and paint make these watches look elegant.

  1. Movement belly ring

Movement belly ring

Image Source : BodyCandy.Com

This movement belly ring is a fantastic art piece for naval piercing. This belly ring consists of a non-working pocket watch. There is a dangle for movement. This dangle is placed on an anodized titanium barbell. The belly ring is made from surgical grade stainless steel.

  1. Steampunk earrings

Steampunk earrings

Image Source : Steampunkjewelry.Ffxoh.Com

Steampunk earrings and danglers look superb. They are usually made from materials like brass and silver. Some designs have opal and Swarovski crystals. You can also find Steampunk earrings which have blue zircon, ruby, turquoise etc. Danglers come with an added silver hook. These are handmade and a sure shot example of unique creativity.

For all those who want to add a touch of fun to the jewelry they wear, soup it up with the joys of Steampunk.

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