Pain is the price of snake bite piercing, and it is worth it

If you have the will to bear the pain of your body being punctured and cut to give a new extraordinary look then piercing is surely your cup of tea. Let us understand the important things about snake bite piercing which is the latest craze in the young generation.

What is snake bite piercing?

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In snake bite piercing, two piercings are done on the lower lip. Both these piercings are separated by the lip’s centre. You can fit CBR’s or labret studs based on your liking. But remember you will not be able to switch between the two of them later. It is important to select the right length and size of the studs in order to prevent irritation. The piercing rates will vary in different studios. Usually, the price of the piercing is between $80 and $120.

Why snake bite piercing is good?

Youth today want to look different. The person gets that perfect rugged and stylish look. Though this type of piercing helps you make a style statement it is important that you take the required precautions and care to prevent infections. Snake bite piercing is mainly for fashion purpose provided you are ready to bear the pain.

Snake bite piercing pain and aftercare

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Always get the snake bites piercing done through an expert. They should have clean and sterilized equipment. Always keep in mind that while piercing if you keep the lip in an inflexible and tight position then you will experience more pain. When going for any type of piercing especially in the sensitive areas there will be pain and you need to have the courage to bear the same. Normally the piercing expert will clean the lip well with an antiseptic before beginning the process of piercing. This is to avoid infection.

Anything that will interfere with the healing process should be avoided. The precautions that need to be taken after the piercing is done are:

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  • Do not eat or drink for 4 hours after piercing is done
  • Eat food that will help in boosting the immunity of the body
  • Do not smoke or consume any other form of tobacco
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Maintain proper hygiene like keep teeth clean, rinse mouth with mild saline solution etc
  • In the case of excruciating pain, you may take pain killers

For those who have a fascination of facial piercings, snake bite piercing is a good option. It makes you look fabulous but proper after care is a must.

If you have an inclination towards these type of facial piercings,make sure that you take required precautions. Good aftercare is a must to avoid infections.

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