Show your pirate side with a tattoo that matches

If you have an obsession for ships and pirates and want to paint your body with images of the same, then pirate tattoosare just for you. These designs look cool, matey.Here are some pirate tattoo design ideas:

  1. Paint up your favourite pirates

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The mere mention of pirates brings to your mind “Jack Sparrow”,Captain Hook, Hector Barbossa etc. Pick up the one which you like the most and paint your body with their images. These pirate character tattoos look nice and also help you create an impact. You get an excellent chance to express your passion for sea and pirates.

  1. The objects that represent the pirates

Not just characters but certain objects are also synonymous with pirates. You can use these objects as your tattoo design. You can go for a treasure box or a ship and anchor design. Other objects like sword, bones with the danger sign, keys of the treasure box all of these can be used in an innovative way to make a wonderful tattoo design.

  1. Skeleton on your hands and body

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Let your wrist look powerful with the tattoo of a skeleton on it or paint a flag with the skeleton on your forearm to look real dangerous. You can also have these designs painted on your upper back. If you are the one who has the courage to flaunt the most precarious pirate scene then use your back for the same.

  1. Not just boy but a babe thing too

If you thought that these pirate designs are only for boys then hold on! Girls these are for you as well. A cute little lady pirate with a sword in her hand will surely make many hearts flutter. If you are that adventurous girl who wants to look fierce then let your lady damsel look dangerous with a sword in her hand.

  1. The sea with the creatures

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Image Source : Tattoo-Journal.Com

An inseparable part of pirates is the deep and dark sea. You can always go in for tattoo designs with the sea and the animals and birds in the backdrop. A compass showing the direction or a huge ship sailing in the sea with a sailor will also look good. You can actually showcase an entire scene of the deep dark sea on your back.

If you are looking for perfect stylish and rugged look and want to express your love for the sea and pirate; go for wonderful pirate tattoo designs.

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