10 Things that might ruin your fresh tattoo

Things that might ruin your fresh tattoo

Tattoos are the most common thing nowadays. But, when you get a fresh tattoo, you need to take care of certain things, or else it will ruin the entire tattoo. In extreme case, it can even get you the infection, which is not at all a good thing.

So, the below-mentioned are the points that you should follow to stop ruining your fresh tattoo:

1.     Water

tattoo should not come in contact with water.

Your tattoo should not come in contact with water. That does not mean that you cannot bath for a month or so. Every time you use water, you must keep an eye. At least for two weeks, you need to stay away from water contact. Please avoid swimming if the tattoo is still fresh. The bacteria in the pool, sea or ocean water can cause infection, and it will not heal too soon. For better healing, keep your tattoo away from water.

2.     Use of scented soap

The fragrance in the soap can irritate your sensitive skin. Use chemical free, unscented soap for the first few weeks to keep it clean. Scented soaps have chemicals that are not good for better healing.

3.     Direct Sunlight

Direct SunlightFor the fresh ink, the exposure of it to direct sunlight is very bad. It can entirely damage the tattoo. If the skin area near the tattoo gets too much exposure, then it becomes faded and blisters may appear. When the tattoo healing starts, and the scabs are coming out, then apply a good sunscreen on the tattoo before you go out in the sun. Hence, the tattoo will last longer, and it will prevent premature fading.

4.     Shaving

If you have done the tattoo is the shaving area like hands, legs, or face, then you should stop shaving those areas. You should give time to your tattoo to heal completely. So, you should plan accordingly and then get the tattoo for yourself.

5.     Remove the tattoo wrap too early

After the tattoo is done, the tattoo artist will wrap the fresh ink for a good result. It helps the tattoo to stay away from any infection and bacteria. The first few hours of fresh tattoo are very important. You need to follow all the clear instructions of the tattoo artist. At least for 2 hours, you need to wrap the tattoo, and do not remove it soon even if it causes any type of irritations.

6.     Do not rewrap the tattoo

When you take off the wrap of the tattoo, it’s time for the tattoo to breathe. So, you should not do any wrapping again. You need to dry up the tattoo now. But, if you wrap it with plastic again, then the heat will get trapped, and there will be too much moisture. It can lead to the growth of bacteria, which is not at all a good thing for a fresh ink tattoo.

7.     Sweating

SweatingDo not sweat too much in the first 2 to 3 weeks. Take a break from intense workouts and saunas for some weeks. Too much sweat is a hindrance for a tattoo to heal. Sweat is normal for every person. But, you should stop doing extra actions that might lead to excess sweating.

8.     Picking the scabs

Do not forcefully pick up the scabs on the tattoo. As a healing process, there will be little scabbing, but you need to keep it as it is. The dry part will fall off on its own. If you pick them up forcefully, then it will not fast the healing process.

9.     Use of medical ointments

medical ointment

Do not apply any medical ointments on the tattoo. There are the things to avoid for fresh ink tattoo. The zinc in the ointment may fade the intensity of the tattoo. So, it is better you avoid applying any medical cream or ointment.

10.  Wearing tight clothes

When you have done a fresh tattoo, you should wear too tight clothes. It will create a problem, and your skin will not breathe properly. Wearing tight clothes may allow you to sweat more. You should not do that and choose some flowy clothes, breathable fabrics for the first two weeks of fresh ink.

Final Words

Now that you have decided to get a fresh tattoo, so these are the things to avoid, and you need to follow them religiously. It is very important for you and you follow each instruction of the tattoo artist. An expert knows better, and if you want your tattoo to last long for the entire life, then these instructions are a must. Get yourself a memorable tattoo and embrace your beauty and freedom with your body art.

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