Weirdest Body Modifications That Will Make You Cringe

In simple words, body modification is any procedure that deliberately changes your appearance. Jaw dropping body modifications are not a recent phenomenon and have been happening since the first signs of civilization. Ancient tribes from all over the world have been known to scar their bodies and use piercings in an attempt to exemplify that they were courageous, could take the pain, and were in touch with the spirit realm.

Here are six unbelievable body modifications that will make you flinch –


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This modification involves altering the skin by scratching, burning or etching words or pictures in it. Some who want to peel off their skin pay money to have someone viciously cut all the shapes they want on their skin. Once the cut is completed, they pull it off and tolerate the unutterable pain involved in the process.


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This  involves cutting a hole in your bottom lip and inserting a translucent material for aesthetic reasons. The hole is then stretched over a period of time after the lower lip is pierced. The clear plastic plug is inserted after it gets big enough.


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For people who are ready to go to extraordinary levels to stand out from the crowd, corset piercing is the answer. This involves two symmetric rows of piercings with laces to look like a corset which includes as many piercings one wants.


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Having an elf-ear is one of the most extreme body modifications. The process is fairly uncomplicated and simply requires the top of the ear to be cut and reshaped into a point like heals.


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This is a piercing that is done on the soft pallet or uvula which is located between the tonsils. Bead or small rings are the most commonly seen jewelry in uvula piercings. It’s very uncomfortable every time you swallow.


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This modification involves cutting the tongue into two that resembles the tongue of a snake. The process can be done using anesthetic and is not very time consuming or expensive. Having lizard tongues is a common change that many people passionate about body modification go through.

In the modern epoch, thousands of people are getting their bodies modified in all sorts of weird and bizarre ways. There is a growing number of individuals with body modifications that you cannot imagine. Call it a fascination or just the want to be different, these people love to stand out of the crowd.

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