Insane body modifications that will blow your mind

Insane body modifications

As the society becomes more and more accepting of tattoos and piercings, those with the flair to stand out have chosen more unorthodox and hard to believe ways of modifying their bodies. After studs, plugs, and full body tattoos, here are some incredible body modifications that are so insane that you might even cringe a bit.

  1. Subdermal Implants

Image Source : skullsproject

Using silicone or other inert materials under the skin as implants as a three-dimensional body modification is a risingtrend. One such terrifying use of these implants is their placement on the skull to make it look like you have horns. The metal mohawks use magnetic hubs to lock different attachments on to them as accessories.

  1. Bagel-head modification

By injecting 400cc of saline subdermally in the forehead, a freakish new trend has come into existence. The trend first appeared in Japan and is catching the wind as more and more enthusiasts get their foreheads injected with saline and use thumb pressure to form indentations in the swollen area to look like bagels.

  1. Lip Windows

Image Source : lolwot

By increasing the sizes of plugs that you put in your labret piercings you can increase the size of the piercing to make a Lip Window. The window creates a hole about an inch in diameter and gives a clear view of your lower front teeth and gum line.

  1. Corset Piercings

Mimicking a corset, two rows of piercings run down the back in this unique body modification. As the rings of the piercings run down, they can be tied together using ribbons to appear as though you are wearing a corset. A good silhouette can make this trend an eye-catching modification, but the possibility of it tearing through your flesh by accident makes us cringe.

  1. Spiky ears

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The world of fantasy has been adopted by some hardcore fans a bit more seriously with this body modification. By surgically removing a chunk of flesh and underlying cartilage from the top curve of your ear and suturing the portions left together, spiky ears have come into existence.

  1. Scarification

Creating scars in a schematic manner is now a body modification process that people choose over tattoos. By removing skin in a designed manner to reveal the tissue beneath, the area is allowed to heal by scar formation. The more difficult the healing is made by theinterruption, the more pronounced the scar becomes.

  1. Scleral Tattoos

Image Source : etchedaddictions

After covering every inch of their skin to ink, some tattoo lovers are now coloring the whites of their eyes as well. By injecting special colored dyes to the sclera, a distinct and often disturbing tattoo can be made.

People with vivid imaginations often opt for trends that are fairly uncommon and unorthodox to accept in terms of body art. Many such modifications are being taken a step further and can prove to be risky if done without proper guidance.

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