Fun Designs of Zebra Tattoos and the Meaning Behind the Art

Fun Designs of Zebra Tattoos

A member of the horse and donkey family, the Zebra is a unique creature that defines the beauty of nature to its fullest. These majestic creatures are characterized by a pattern of stripes on their body that like the human fingerprint is unique to each zebra. These stripes make the Zebra tattoo designs stand for three distinct meanings apart from the personal meaning that each person connects them with- these are balance, teamwork, and individuality.

  1. Zebra Patterned Heart Designs

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Since a heart symbolizes life and love, a zebra patterned heart as a tattoo stands for balance and harmony. The stripes of a zebra are black and white, two opposites that when patterned together create not just a beautiful tattoo but also one that showcases a balance between yin and yang.

  1. Wild Zebra Tattoo designs

Zebras are herd animals, their strength lies within their team and these creatures use this unity to a unique advantage when faced with predators. Using their patterns in a group, zebras create a mirage-likeeffect where all the stripes eventually blend in. A wild Zebra as a tattoo is hence symbolic of individuality and freedom while reinforcing the strength in unity.

  1. Cartoon Zebras

Fun Designs of Zebra Tattoos

For those of you that want to showcase their childlike playfulness, a portrayal of this majestic creature in a cartoon-like manner is also a great choice. A cartoon zebra tattoo holds a playful yet deep meaning and can be designed in a variety of ways to create great-looking tattoos.

  1. Decorated Zebra tattoos

Using some flowers, stars, hearts, or any other accessory that further enhances the tattoo, you can spice your zebra tattoo design even more. Decorating the zebra tattoo design with stars, crowns, or diamonds can add to the meaning of nobility that these tattoos showcase. Because a zebra tattoo is not the first idea that pops into your imagination when you first think about animal tattoos, these are highly uncommon.

  1. Colored Stripes on a zebra

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A Zebra is a unique creature to be adopted in the form of a tattoo, to make your tattoo even more exceptional you can color the stripes with different colors. These colors may hold special meanings of themselves, or just be used to show your colorful yet strong personality. Using abstract design ideas, your tattoo can be used to portray adistinct array of emotions and personality traits. 

A Zebra has its own ascetic, wonderful, and exceptionally grand aura. Representing power, harmony in emotions, passion, and fierceness, a zebra tattoo can be a great idea for those looking for a tattoo with an assortment of emotions.

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