Extreme body modification to create a look ‘into you’

In the extreme body modifications, some people really cross the boundaries and make others look inside their bodies. Though, they are creative in a way, but to me a glance at them gives a headache.

Hole above the chin

Hole above the chin

Image Source : TrendHunterStatic

An expander made out of clear plastic is fit below the lower lip of a person, just above the chin. People have all sorts of reactions when they see the gums and the teeth of the person bearing the small window. Now, what would be your reaction when you encounter such a person for the first time? You may think that you have seen it all; but there is more to come.

Hole in cheeks

Hole in cheeks

Image Source : NyDailyNews

A model from Germany has been fascinated by body art since the time he was thirteen. Joel Miggler was interested in tattoos and body piercing like most teenagers. His interest in body art increased to crazy levels as he grew. He started with piercing his earlobe, and got numerous parts of his body pierced. Joel gladly shows the two large size studs pierced on his chest. Joel probably got inspired by a reptile and got his tongue forked. Perhaps all this was less fascinating for him that he started fiddling with his cheeks.

He cut his cheeks three times and stretched them and created holes on both sides of his face. These holes on both sides of his face have reached a size of 36mm each. Miggler insists that he plans to increase them to 40mm. You can see his teeth from both sides of his face, he lets out his forked tongue from both the holes. While eating a semi-solid or a liquid Joel plugs these holes. You can see the smoke coming out of his ‘three mouths’, and pierced nostrils when Joel puffs a cigarette.

Expanded ear lobe

EXCLUSIVE: Guinness World Record for 'Biggest Earlobes' EXCLUSIVE: World Record "Largest earlobes"

Image Source : DailyMail

There are a lot of people who do different sort of creativity or atrocity, whatever you prefer to say, on their ear lobe. I came across a guy who had pierced his ear lobe and stretched it more than 40mm in diameter. He had hung two heavy horseshoe shaped earrings on his ear lobe. Another gentleman had managed to insert huge rings inside his ear lobes. His ears appeared like that of a demon, gigantic and unnatural.

The extreme body modifications are not to every one’s taste. But for those who have a love for body art, these are pretty darn impressive.

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