Tattoo trend: How to care!

Tattoo trend

We know tattoos are the latest trend that’s in vogue and we don’t deny the style statement and the cool factor attached to the art. But just following the chic trend blindly and getting yourselves inked is not enough. There is equal care and concern that comes along. Once you are through with your tattoo art, it’s not the end. There are certain remedies and precautions that you need to follow to sport your tattoo in a best way. Let’s have a look what’s required to have a harmless tattoo on your skin.

1. Bear with the bandage

When your skin is inked with a beautiful butterfly or any of your favorite design, the tattoo artist takes care of it by applying the right medicine over it and also covering it up with a dressing. But his job is over once you leave the shop. Though the tattoo looks very creative, it is still a bruise on your body until it recovers. So you have to hold back your excitement and let it remain covered. No matter how much your pals pester you, you can’t leave it open just for the fashion sake. It may lead to skin diseases due to open wound. So leave the bandage the way it is and allow it to heal for the minimum time suggested by your tattoo artist.

2. Wiping ways

Now when you have removed your dressing from the skin surface next for the healing process is wiping the surface. But one must take care to use warm water for washing the tattoo. One must gently remove the fluid from the surface. You should avoid very cold or hot water and harsh soaps as it can cause more reddening to the wounded area. Harsh strokes are also not recommended. Treat it softly and smoothly. This prevents dead cells and germs to accumulate and stick on your skin. Oozing body liquid thickens to form a sticky substance on the skin layer, which can further lead to bacterial infection. Hence cleaning up the sticky fluid is a must.

3. Pat dry

Rubbing or patting hard for instant drying is a strict no no. Pat with light hands using a very clean towel and tissue. The needle invasion makes your skin weak so it should be treated with utter care. Leave it for two to three minutes to completely dry the tattoo but not long as infection can easily penetrate in an open wound.

4. Ointment treatment

After the inked area is dried properly, there must be a light application of the effective balm or ointment to heal up the dermis and the epidermis layer of the skin that is penetrated. Don’t just apply any balm. It should be apt as per your skin and requirement and intensity of the bruise. Neosporin, zinc and bacitracin are few of the products that may cause harm or allergy. Allergic reaction causing fluids or tubes should be avoided. Never compare your tattoos with cuts and other injuries. Ointments to heal them are quite different from what a tattoo making requires.

5. The right ointment

If you acquire a good knowledge and know how to go about the ointment selection, it’s fine. If not Tattoo Goo or H2Ocean are some special and good chemicals for the cure. Also use the medicines and ointments as directed by your tattoo artists. Or else you can also consult a good doctor specialized in this area. But whatever it is, lotions must not be hard, fragrance-based or allergic. They may cause harm to your sensitive area.

6. Water effect

Wetting your tattoos are fine but no hard strokes and harsh soaps or shampoos. You can take extra care for initial two-three days. Swimming and bathing normally will cause no problem. Of course, you must not rub that area while you are having shower or swimming. Avoid soaps and shampoos for two-three weeks. Water alone will not cause any harm.

7. Protection from the sun

Don’t expose your tattoo to the harsh and harmful sun rays. Remember ultra violet rays from the sun can damage the affected skin area. Excessive heat will not only spoil your tattoo but may also cause irritation, itching and rashes on your skin.

If you are so keen on flaunting your fashionable side, your sensible side shouldn’t take a backseat to take care of your tattoos. After all it’s your skin that will bear the brunt of the unprotected tattoo art. So the better you care for your new tattoo, the better you style it up.

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