Famous Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity Tattoos

Do you think that tattoos look really hot on girls? If not, then these celebrities would definitely change your mind as they look extremely hot and sexy flaunting off their tattoos. Tattoo designs on human bodies go way back to centuries when mankind did not even invent ink. Today, making a tattoo on your body is not only a form of art but has become a display and a symbol of one’s feelings and beliefs. Male or female, tattoos are increasingly becoming popular among the masses. A tattoo that has been chosen carefully not only adds attraction, but also adds interest and makes even the most curvaceous body look really hot. And the best part that is helping it gain popularity is the tattoos on the bodies of hot celebrities like Megan Fox or Jessica Alba. So let us now take a look at the most famous celebrity tattoos.

1. Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Megan Fox aces in the tattoo race as she is bold enough to flaunt her tattoos and give them the well deserving spot light. Megan has an array of tattoos that are placed on her shoulder blades, side back, arm, lower abdomen, wrist and ankle. Wow! That is a lot of tattoo for one person! But she carries them off as she carries her gorgeous body and clothes. It seems that she wears her tattoo just like any other attire and does not hide them from the media. The most famous of her tattoos is the one just below her armpit, on the side of her rib cage stating a quote about a little girl who knew not of love until her heart was broken. But the most famous of her tattoos is the one about gilded butterflies. No doubt, Megan Fox is the winner in her inked hot body!

2. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

The glamorous star who has an amazing skin has etched a wrist tattoo that makes for a great accessory. The tattoo is a Sanskrit character meaning the lotus flower and it sits inside of her right wrist. She also has a floral ladybug tattoo on the back of her neck but her ever famous tattoo is in the shape of a bow tie and this is tattooed right above her butt crack which she did flaunt off a couple of times.

3. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

She is one of those celebrities whom guys fantasize about. With an amazing body and an even amazing and attractive face gestures and attitude, Adriana Lima gets the votes to be the most popular hot chic among men. Her famous tattoo is a tribal patterned tattoo that is etched on her left ankle. No doubts that it goes as a very sexy accessory, especially when she is wearing a swimsuit with her high heels.

4. Katy Perry

Katy Perry

This bold and beautiful pop star has some of the interesting tattoos. She is famous for flaunting not only her tattoos, but also her chest, of what she is very proud of and of course even the viewers who get a glimpse of them every now and then. Her tattoo is etched on her arm and it is etched in ancient Sanskrit script that means going with the flow.

5. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Hate her or love her, but you cannot ignore this Hollywood red carpet bombshell who has tattoos etched on her shoulder blade, upper arm, lower arm, back, neck, lower back, lower abdomen, thigh and even the waist. Wow! She really hasn’t left any part of her body without a tattoo! She is one actress who has come an extremely long way in Hollywood and her tattoos have all stuck with her like a pillar of support. Jolie rocked in most of the award ceremonies flaunting her gorgeous tattoos.

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