Different forms of body art

Different forms of body art

To keep your style updated with latest fashion trends, body art plays a predominant role. Unless you don’t own a tattoo or have your body pierced, you cannot qualify among alarmed fashionistas. While body art is usually done for the beautification of the body, some techniques also help convey one’s uniqueness and individuality. There are various forms of body art, but only a few are massively popular among different cultures. Let’s have a look at some.

1. Permanent tattoos

Once touted as the fashion trend for bikers and sailors, inking or tattooing your body has now trespassed all its boundaries. Thanks to Hollywood celebrities, tattoos have become a major fashion statement among teenagers and commoners. Over the years, the techniques and art of permanent tattooing have changed and become over rebellious. Whether you are men or women, 16 or 61, sporting big armed tattoos have injected a new culture all globe round. It is a great way to express your thoughts, individuality and beliefs. Although the procedure of tattooing is extremely painful, it hasn’t affected its popularity at all. In fact, a major share of adolescents has their tattoos done.

2. Accessorizing

Jewelry and accessory is the most common type of body art, and the least painful one. To complement their silhouette or overall appearance, men and women adorn themselves with jewelries and other accessories such as hat, scarves, tie, heels, etc. Through accessorizing one can define their persona and uniqueness. For instance, if someone wears eyeglass as an accessory, then it will lend the wearer a geeky look.

3. Body painting

Those who can’t take the pain of the tattooing procedure, can opt for body painting, which is also known as temporary tattoo. Unlike permanent tattoos, body paining doesn’t linger onto one’s body for long and fades off with the time. They usually last for a few weeks, based on the texture of the waterproof colors used. The art of body paining is a long dated tradition in India, where Indian brides’ hands are dyed with Henna to give appealing designs and textures. Henna painting can be done on hands, legs, face and arms.

4. Body piercing and shaping

Considered as the most ancient form of body art, body piercing has now turned into a major fashion trend among teens and adults. While ear piercing still remains the most prevalent choice, many people love getting their tongues, eyebrows, navels, nipples and lips pierced. Face piercing is regarded as a ceremony marking in some cultures.

Body shaping is another body art form in which sculpting of body is done to enhance one’s figure. The most popular methodology of body sculpturing is plastic surgery.

5. Scarring

Scarification is much like permanent tattooing, except for the fact that instead of getting colors injected into the skin using a needle, the color is actually placed on the created wounds or cuts. When the wounds eventually dry up, they leave a scar behind or a pattern mark on the skin. This technique is commonly known as branding.

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