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We can never overlook the immense popularity the art of tattooing is gaining among the youngsters and middle aged population in the recent times. This is perhaps the most authentic means of sporting a highly metrosexual look. Thus, who will not die to have a tattoo done? Therefore, if you too are dying to get a tattoo done on your body and flow with the tide, there is absolutely no obstacle in the path of your aspiration. But you might only be dazed observing the plethora of tattoos on different body parts these days, not to mention some on the ‘secret’ parts which look quite bold indeed! Your concern must be to find the place in your body where the tattoo will look breathtaking. So, here we bring the popular body parts where tattooing is generally done. Have a look and select your hot spot for a beautiful body art.

1. Lower back

lower back

People, who wish to play naughty with their inked body, vote for lower back. It is such a part of your body, where the tattoo will never be constantly visible. As you bend to do something, the tattoo will peep out naughtily. As for the tattoo artists this place is quite convenient too, as the area is flat and wider. So, the artist’s canvas is bigger.

2. Upper back

upper back

This place is mostly chosen by people, who wish to make a strong statement either by means of numeric or alphabets or with the help of pictures. Unfortunately, your dress code needs a serious alteration if you wish to show the body art to the public! Either you need to keep your back bare all the time or literally live in bustier and halters if you are a woman. As for the tattoo artist, it is a bit challenging as the area is not even. Nonetheless, it is one of the hotspots of celebs as well!

3. Full back

full back

People, who love too much of everything, do not seem satisfied with smaller places for reflecting their body art too. They go for full back body inking. This is perhaps the best place where you can show your taste in the most detailed manner. The artist also has greater scope to express his skills.

4. Ankle

ankle tattoo

Ankle is one of the most loved hot spots for females. They love to flaunt their legs more by beautifying them with a cute ankle tattoo. Ankle tattoo is either in any of the ankles or both the ankles. There is no hard and fast rule and you are your own decision maker in this case. But it is undeniably true that your legs look sexier with ankle tattoo!

5. Nape


This is the sexiest part of a female’s body. At least that is what majority of men find! Women become most sensitive when their nape is caressed. Therefore, quite a lot of women love to flaunt this sexy body part even more by having a tattoo done on the nape. You will even find some of your favorite female celebs with tattoo on their napes, most notably Jennifer Lopez. Generally, designs for the nape are smaller in shape and of course, feminine so women do not get diverted from their intention to kill men with tattoo!

6. Wrist


Having a body art done on the wrist is quite in trend in the recent times. Gone are those days, when people loved wearing bulky and chunky pieces on their wrists. Now, wrist tattoos are much better supplements for them. Wrist tattoo is unisex. So, women love wrist tattoo as much as men. Why won’t they love it when the price of gold has gone so high? As for men, it is definitely a great way to show off their broad, manly wrists to the fairer sex! So, tattoo on the wrist are any day better substitutes for anybody!

7. Feet


Last in our list is the feet tattoo. It is also a woman’s property. Fairer sex finds this the most sought after way to show off their well groomed and pedicured feet. Either, they opt for a single foot art or both feet tattoo simultaneously. Things do not end here. The range of designs is also varied and the tattoo artists offer from floral to motifs to geometric patterns and to elaborate tribal art in case of foot tattoo. They definitely look ornate but one thing needs to be mentioned here as well. Feet tattoo needs quite a lot of touch-ups since your feet are subjected to the most wear and tear throughout the day.

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