5 Cutest angel tattoos for you

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Angel tattoo is quite famous among womenfolk. They love to build castle in the air. So, it is perhaps needless to explain that angels on their body parts spur women’s dreams of living in the world of fantasies manifold. Therefore, if you belong to the same clan and wish to have an angel inked on your body, you must also know that angel tattoos also have some Catholic implications as well. Thus, let us give you a scoop on a few angel tattoos that are really cute and will look good on your skin.

1. Cupid struck

Twin cupid

This tattoo is quite famous among the fairer sex. But you cannot deny its growing popularity among men as well. The impression of two Cupids sitting closer to each other and staring into each others’ eyes might look quite innocent at an apparent glance. But take a closer look and you will get the hint what the woman/man with this tattoo mean to imply!

2. The Guardian angel

Guardian angel

This tattoo is self explainable. The serene face of this cartoon faced fantasy character with its prominently noticeable Halo makes it evident that it stands for the ‘good’. Its bright mauve attire, smiling face and ocean blue eyes create visual interest on the body part where you get it inked. But, it is believed to help you in taking the decision for the good when you are caught in the dilemma to go for the good or the bad. The purpose of this tattoo is definitely modest. But its practical utility remains debatable as we cannot assume it will really bring down the crime rate of the world or not!

3. Diva angel


Women, who do not wish to look too sheepish, while residing in the world of fantasy, go for the body art that are a bit matured with some subtle naughty hint. This is one such cute angel tattoo with a flirtatious hint. The big and impressive eyes of this angel are sure to kill any man with looks! The exposing ‘assets” will get the male eyes rolling on it. So, what can be more superb guardian angel like this one, who can make men run after you together with guarding you against brats!

4. Casper, the ghost


Who does not know Casper, the cute faced ghost? Casper, the ‘good’ supernatural character is believed to keep evil off your way. The most notable part of Casper’s body is his brilliantly wise eyes, bald head and ever awestruck look. It seems that he can smell evil in every air that passes by you. Let’s not debate how efficient he is at his work but he looks cool on women’s nape.

5. Angel with rainbow


If you are a living epitome of megalomania and suffer from intense and incurable depression, this angel tattoo is sure to erase away frustration and gloom from your system! The painting brush held in its hand and the way it considers your body as its canvas says it all. It paints a colorful rainbow and bright, glittery stars with this brush. Let’s see if it can really emerge as a successful alternative remedy for depression in days to come or not!

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