Lip art: 10 Temporary lip tattoos

lip tattoo

Make your lips speak on behalf of you without using your verbal skills. Now, you might be simply be dazed how can you do that. Try on lip tattoos. We are not talking of those permanent stuffs. These are the temporary ones that can be applied as and when you require and removed as per your convenience. Temporary lip tattoos are perhaps the superior way of staying in fashion. Check out the latest temporary lip tattoos and get your hot pick.

1. Leopard tattoo on lips

Leopard  lip tattoo

This lip tattoo might be temporary in nature but try to interpret the inner meaning it wants to convey. There are two ways of looking at it. Firstly, it is the hot pick of the hotties out there, who wish to show off the beast in them. Secondly, it makes a strong statement for the love of animals. So, select the clan you belong to and go for this leopard tattoo to depict your inner self.

2. Red glitterati


If you are in the mood of partying, why should your lips wear the typecast color palette? We have brought a glitterati lip tattoo for you that will set perfect harmony with the glitz and glam of the party. This vitamin enriched applique lasts for four to eight long hours, so that you never fade out by the end of the party. In the process the vitamin content in the tattoo will take care of your lips too.

3. Polka dot lips

Polka tattoo

If the 70s polka dots amuse you always and you find the jolly spheres the perfect replica of fun and frolic, then we have a great option for you in the form of polka dot lip tattoos. Wear them on and get instant mood uplift. These polka dots are carefully designed in neutral colors against the fairly darker feminine tones. Thus, you will never look whorish but at the same time this tattoo will tap the cajoling side of you for sure.

4. Rainbow tattoo

rainbow tattoo

Colors are always the first choice of women. Majority of the fairer sex loves to play with colors. Thus, keeping this inherent passion of womenfolk in mind this tattoo has been created. It changes even the palest of lips into the extravagant palette of vibrant shades. This vibrant lip color is the hot favorite of the avid party animals that claims to stray throughout the night. So, there is undoubtedly no looking further if you wish to set the stage on fire!

5. American Flag

American flag

If you are feeling patriotic then your lips can stand on behalf of you in depicting that to the world. This temporary lip tattoo is for those devoted hearts, who take pride in their country. So, within no time you will witness your lips getting transformed into a Union Jack! This tattoo also promises to take care of your lips in the process by helping it stay hydrated till eight hours, throughout the time you wear it on. So, next time you need to cheer for the US, get this temporary lip tattoo for you.

6. Fishnet lip tattoo

fishnet tattoo

This temporary lip tattoo is certainly the best weapon of your own expression. It speaks your mind out without the need of words! The juxtaposition of bright red base coat with blood maroon fishnet pattern on top gives your lips a glamorous makeover. You can be stress free that it will remain vibrant for eight long hours, reflecting your mind out to the world. The glossy finish of the same will take care of the glamor part of it in the process too.

7. Union Jack

Union Jack

It is again the time to cheer for your country. Wear this Union Jack on your lips and speak your heart out for your nation without any verbal tones! This vibrant Union Jack becomes your second skin, which amalgamates with your loyalty towards your nation. This lip tattoo Union Jack is tender on your lips, together with being the best weapon of your patriotism. It has vitamin coats that enrich your lips all through the time you wear it on. Its natural sunscreen factors also dispel chances of sunburns when you wear it on and cheer for your nation under the strong sun in an open stadium.

8. Love in lips


Do you wish to propose to the love of your life in the most innovative way? Get hold of this word tattoo that says how much you are in love with your beloved by the four simple ‘Love’. The base color is kept Valentine red so that it sets perfect unison with the theme of love and stays long. It also gives a flirtatious lift to your lips and is sure to create a deep impact on your man.

9. Red Zebra stripes


This lip tattoo is the perfect companion of the animal lovers out there, who are increasingly traumatized with the disturbance in the ecological balance and the way zebras are getting endangered in the process. Thus, this zebra lip tattoo is undoubtedly the silent protest against the growing environmental pollution. The color palette has been selected in the way the user prefers it best. Actually, along with the typical black and white shade of a zebra skin, this tattoo comes in a collection of color combinations that harmonize with the hue and tone of a theme party too. So, this is certainly the best lip makeup to make a strong statement while remaining the fashioniasta of a party too!

10. B-day girl

B-day girl

This B-day girl word lip tattoo is meant for the birthday girl, who needs to be different from all the divas, who attend her birthday party. We bet your futuristic birthday attire will never be complete unless you wear this B-day lip tattoo on your D-day. In case if you are a bit skeptical whether the color combination will match with your dress and theme of your birthday party, let us tell you, this incredible lip tattoo is available in two color combinations: red with white wordings and magenta with white wordings. So, wear it on and celebrate your birthday in the most customized manner.

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