10 Craziest inner lip tattoos

lip tattoo

It seems that these people consider their body parts as their personal canvas! Thus, they do not mind at all in getting different parts of their body tattooed and showing off their love for art. They do not spare their lips too from getting tattooed! But we are doubtful if such attempts are really worth appreciating from aesthetic as well as functional point of view. Anyway, let us leave our confusion behind and go though the ridiculous lip tattoos. We bring here the ten such stuffs we find most ridiculous of all. Take a look.

1. Dinosaur in lips

Lip tattoo 1

This man showed his utmost sympathy for the already extinct dinosaurs in getting his lip inked with the sketch of one member of such giant species. We are clueless if we must appreciate this man for his kindness or for his dumb brain. In case if he knew the reason why these poor creatures got extinct, then he must have been wise enough to realize that lip cannot accommodate them in any way. The space constraint will be even challenging for these giant beings! So, we can only conclude that this is a ridiculous job.

2. Woman on lip

lip tattoo 2

We do not have any objection of men going flat for the fairer sex. Given the natural assets and beauty, these God’s superb creations definitely have enough reasons for making men crazy for them. But, excuse us; getting the silhouette woman tattooed on the lip is a too ridiculous thing to handle! This man is either afraid of girls or have some physical deformities that prevent him from being intimate with girls. Whatever may be the case, but this is surely his virtual attempt to enjoy female company.

3. Penis on lip

penis lip

Third on our list is this dude, who got a penis inked on his lip! We will always give it thumbs down. Don’t these men get better ideas for tattoo art? This highly objectionable tattoo makes us question the sexual inclination of this guy. We have a hunch that this guy is a gay and too shy to admit that due to social stigma. But he cannot overrule his sexual inclination all together and keeps on dreaming about the male genitalia. Hence, his tattooed lip acts as his dildo for reasons obvious enough.

4. Hello Kittie lip

Lip tattoo 4

Hello Kittie has fans all over the world, especially among girls. But we are definite that there are other ways of reflecting that other than inking a Hello Kittie face on the lip. Either this girl is totally crazy or too impractical to realize that nobody is going to pull down her lip and see the cute face of Hello Kittie on her lip! We will simply denote it as a ridiculous attempt.

5. Sore lips

lip tattoo 6

Sore lips are common problems that are quite painful for us. But, is tattooing the lip a less painful affair? We are simply clueless. The letters “Sore Lips” on lips instead of any sound motif can also indicate that this guy is a perpetual patient of sore lips and has lost all faith in medical science in healing his condition. Therefore, tattoo seems to the best alternative for him! Inking something like this is simply ridiculous and it is even dumbest to infringe pain on the lip with such a thing.

6. Green flower on lip

lip tattoo 5

This guy considers himself quite fashionable in setting the perfect harmony with his overall attire. Look, he wears a green T-short and sets unison with it by means of this green floral lip tattoo. But is tattooing your lip the only way you need to be regarded as a metro sexual? We are really doubtful. The artist’s skillful hand cannot be ignored at all, who did loyalty to his job by creating an intricate green flower on such a delicate skin. But, who will see this master piece?

7. Glee on lip


Lips are meant for smiling. But, we could not understand why this girl tattooed ‘Glee’ on her lip. Is she an epitome of constant melancholia and needs a catalyst that will make her smile and remain always happy? We do not know. But we expected her to be a bit wiser, as turning her lip down every time to smile is quite ridiculous. There are better options available to remain happy.

8. Eat or be eaten

lip tattoo 7

Is this man a cannibal? Perhaps, he is the best person to answer this. We are more interested in discovering why he offers his lips to be chewed up so madly that he even threatens to eat you up if you do not eat the same? Or else it might be his extreme perversion that compels him to give French kiss the wildest makeover! We only conclude that the whole idea is wacky and the man is definitely crazy.

9. Music note on lip

lip tattoo 8

Music remains as one of the most obsessive hobbies for a lot of people. But, tattooing a music note on the lip cannot be praised from any angle. We bet even the pop divas of the world will also not vote for such a tattoo concept. Is this woman a failed singer then, who chose not to break tie with music ever in her lifetime? Her intention is a mystery but the dark tone of the music note tattoo against the delicate flesh of the lip is only giving an impression that it is a lip ulcer that needs immediate medical attention.

10. Zombie lip

lip tattoo 9

Till date we were in dilemma whether Zombies exist in reality or not. But this horrid tattoo on lip now makes it clear, whether Zombies exist or not but queer and dumb aliens certainly do. We are a bit skeptical whether this dude is trying to hide his identity under his ‘well planned’ Zombie makeover! We must confess that tattooing the lip with the word ‘Zombie’ is giving us an impression that now we will have a gala chance to get the sight of a Zombie for real.

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