10 Funniest food tattoos

food tattoos

If you consider yourself a fun loving person, then you will love to get included in the clan of these funny dudes, who gave us a fun filled and laughter evoking side of body inking. But, it is also important to remember that these guys are either avid foodies or are on strict diet. The food tattoos on their body parts at least say so. Scroll down and read further to see if the idea of food tattoo is worthy of consideration the next time you decide on getting your body inked.

1. Breakfast platter

tattoo 1-breakfast

This bald headed dude will give us enough reasons to debate why he attempted to resemble his bald with a plate of healthy breakfast delicacy. Speculations are that either the man is on diet or he is deprived of proper food. Whatever may be the reason, let’s not debate on this issue and appreciate the lip smacking platter on his head. He has also made a virtual arrangement of a fork, so that you can enjoy the sumptuous breakfast. Unfortunately, we have to enjoy this yummy platter with our eyes and not our tongue!

2. Strawberry topped ice cream cone

tattoo 2 - icecream

This lady is an ardent fan of ice cream. But it might probably be her growing body weight that prevents her from enjoying this chilled sensation. But she has found a better way to dream ice cream and live icecream without getting obese. So, she has made a wise use of her deep cleavage and slightly bulged out belly to get a tattoo of a lip licking strawberry dollop, topped with generous amounts of chocolate sauce and served with a bright red strawberry. This idea itself is mouth watering for sure.

3. A slice of truffle cake

tattoo 3- cake

We bet this guy has a sweet tooth and there is nothing in this universe to satisfy his love for sweet temptations forever. Thus, his wiser alternative seems to be a truffle cake inked on his tummy! Although this slice is never going to satisfy his tummy, you can gamble his mind will be at ease thinking that he has his own slice of truffle cake as his loyal companion. But dude, if you cannot eat this cake, will it serve your purpose?

4. A bag of popcorn

tattoo 5- popcorn

You can always call this man cranky, who thought of getting a cartoon like bag filled with popcorns tattooed on his body. It cannot be denied that popcorns are the most loved pastime munchies that are moderately filling. But they will never make you too heavy or add to your body fat. We are basically bewildered whether a cartoon faced bag of popcorns has better efficiencies than an ordinary bag! We are also clueless of the intention behind such a dumb tattoo too. But one thing is for sure, this body inked man is sure to be a laughing stock among his peers!

5. Evil potato

tattoo 4- potato

Hats off to this man who could give a mere potato an evil makeover! He is certainly an avid potato lover and his health condition does not permit him to eat this favorite veggie. So, this evil potato is definitely his perennial fear factor that discourages him from eating the same. The tattoo artist needs equal praise for giving the weird diet idea of this guy such an artistic end, morphing a lifeless veggie into a creature with human-like villainous features.

6. Evil and angel hotdogs

tattoo 6- hotdogs

This is a sensible dude, who is fully conscious of the side effects of junk food. At least that is what it seems from the twin food tattoo painted on each side of his stomach. But it also gives us hints that he is an ardent fan of crunchy and creamy hot dogs too. So, while the angel winged and Halo headed hot dog stands for his ‘philia’ for hotdogs, the devil hotdog with a toxic green color, sharp horns and bat wings depicts his phobia for the same. Now, the question is, are the tattoos inspiring enough to encourage this guy to choose for the good side of it, overruling the bad side? The answer is unknown.

7. Chicago style hot dog

hot dog Chicago style

This guy is definitely a foodie who has in depth knowledge of some of the most watering gourmet affairs of the world. Thus, this mouth watering Chicago style hot dog inked on the hand of this guy makes it evident how much is he in love with this lip smacking savory from Chicago. The bright red chili flakes, veggies and chicken crumbs inside the twin pair of hot dog breads make your mouths water too! We should praise the artist’s skilled hands, which made the tattoo extremely tempting for the taste buds of everyone who sees it.

8. Pomegranate tattoo


We are already aware that pomegranates are wonder fruits, stuffed with loads of goodness. But this man did a queer and fun evoking thing. He has got a pomegranate with its sparkling red juicy seeds inked on his arms. He might be a social worker, trying to raise awareness about fruits for promoting good health. Well, we are skeptical if he succeeded in his attempt but this food tattoo is hilarious for sure.

9. Good and bad of cup cake


Have you ever thought that cup cakes could be killing for you? We guess no, if you are not a diabetic. Hence, it is certain that this woman is a diabetic and faces never ending challenges with her inclination for sweets due to her health reasons. While the delicious cupcake will certainly tempt her, the ‘danger’ marked species will exempt her from gorging one. This is definitely a praiseworthy alternative therapy.

10. Pizza mania


Pizza is a weakness of many of us. But we are confident that this man’s obsession for pizza cannot be defeated at all. He took the pain of getting a fully garnished pizza on his tummy. This glutton makes our taste buds become hyperactive too in this funny attempt of his!

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