7 Really cool suntan tattoos

sun tattoo

Sun tanning is subjected to numerous debates. While the medical fraternity of the world gives it a thumbs down remarking that the harmful UV rays make the body vulnerable to skin carcinoma, the avid sun tan lovers would turn a deaf ear to all these. They find it great to smear some sunscreens on their skin and bask in the sun to become wheaty complexioned. But we have a surprise for you. These sun tan fans will compel you to think that artistic mind is capable of doing anything out of practically nothing. It seems that they offered their body to the sun to paint breathtaking designs and comments of their mind on their body. Let us check them out and get updated on the different sun tan tattoos that are in fashion these days.

1. NY


This patriotic gal did something worth to cheer for her native land. She took the help of the solar energy to imprint the words ‘NY’ on her tummy, just above her belly button. We are amazed at this fashion of expressing love for New York and find in the most innovative way to depict loyalty to the roots in comparison to nation based facial coloring and wearing the national flag as a dress. But we are a bit confused why she chose the belly button for this! Is she all set to shed weight and live in tang tops only from now on?

2. Oriental body art

woman stencilised tattoo

We are sure every individual will have a different take on tanning. But none of you have ever thought of the artistic potentials of the sun! This Chinese lady certainly found out a Michelangelo in the Sun! So, she tanned her body in a wise manner to get her full body morphed into a brilliant design palette. While allowing her to get tanned, Yu Chiao Wang wore a stencil cut dress, bearing the design she wanted to imprint on her body. The result is quite evident and we need not explain much. You can see it and judge how successful she became in her project.

3. Tan the man

Stenciled guy

Janine Rewel is the designer, who needs hats off to for recognizing the advantages of solar energy in a different perspective than what we have thought so far. She can give a star tattoo artist run for his money too with her innovative sun tattoo! Her subject of experimentation was a hunk with a well built body, so that her canvas was sufficiently big. She made use of vinyl stickers and solarium to cover the sections of the man’s body where tanning was not required while the rest part was allowed to get sun kissed. The resultant was a mesmerizing full body sun tattoo even the guy will love to flaunt and thank Janine for adding spark to his well build body.

4. Monalisa man

Monalisa chest

Monsalisa is the sweetheart of many for her feminine charms and magical smile. Majority of us either love to display her framed image or posters on our walls and table tops. But this man did a thing even Monalisa will be amazed to see! He created a temporary portrait of Monalisa on his chest, with sun as his reliable confidante. He never missed out on any of the detailing of the original Monalisa portrait of world famous artist, Vincent Vang Gough. This Monalisa lover’s commitment towards his job is praiseworthy as he undertook all the toil to create a temporary masterpiece!

5. Upper back sun tattoo

Upper back tattoo

This woman will have a better reason to make her back lovable and seductive enough for caressing. She opted for a sun tattoo in place of a regular, colorful tattoo. We must admit that she is quite clever to incorporate a great deal of Vitamin D in the process as sun rays contain this vitamin in loads! You might not be aware, but this woman definitely knows that Vitamin D counters skin cancer. So, moderate sun tanning is helpful for us. Hence, it is evident that she followed the feedback of the medical fraternity in a wise manner! Moreover, we assume that she opted for a temporary monochromatic tattoo so that they can get another within a short span without getting into the cumbersome process of removing them or going under surgical weapons again. The butterfly with its widespread wings looks simply awesome on the fair skin of this fair sex. We are certain that it is done with essential equipments like a stencil sticker, solarium and of course, sun power.

6. Chest tattoo

chest tattoo

Hunks are obsessed with their chests. The reasons are quite logical enough, as their wide shoulders and muscular chests certainly make us drooling and give us hints of the painstaking toil they get involved in every day for building such enviable chassis. But this hunk has given a different thought about his body. Sun is his tool, which he uses to outline his manly asset! The Gothic sun tattoo on his chest looks simply awesome. We assume that stencilized stickers and solarium went into the making of this manly chest masterpiece, together with solar energy of course. He is definitely artistic and has never failed to harmonize with the design by creating sun tattoo on his arms too, which resemble the master design on his chest.

7. Chisel sharp head sun tattoo sword

full back

This hunk is definitely a He-man in real sense. He braved the sun and forced it to imprint Gothic fighter’s sword heads throughout his back. We are capable of looking in between the act too to get hints of the skills of the sun tattoo artist, who created an intricate stencil in order to allow partial tanning and creation of a design this guy opted for. We cannot deny the patience of this dude too, who were patient enough to sit for hours under the sun to make his dream design get a real existence and the sun tattoo artist’s skills come to the public. But, we are only sorry about the fact all these painstaking efforts are temporary in nature!

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