Get in the Groove with these Awesome Tongue Piercing Techniques and Jewelry Styles

Tongue piercing is a very common fad among individuals today; to the extent that even teens are opting for the procedure at an increasing rate. Also called as oral piercing, tongue piercing is one of the more popularly sought out forms of body piercing and involves piercing the tongue with a decorative item made of niobium, titanium, surgical stainless steel or 18 carat gold.

The piercing is usually done right through the muscular organ, from one side of the tongue to the other. While most individuals opt to have the piercing done at the center of the tongue, there are several other tongue piercing styles one can opt for. Here are some of them.


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  • Mid-Line

In this case, the piercing is done along the tongue’s mid-line site. Located at about 1.9 cm from the tip of the organ, this site or placement for the piercing is most often chosen by those opting to have their tongues pierced for the first time. It is also called as ‘Venom Piercing’.

  • Frenulum Linguage

The frenulum linguage can be found underneath the tongue and is actually a mucous membrane attaching the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Frenulum linguage piercing therefore, refers to having the piercing done in this membrane.

  • Tongue Web


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Tongue web piercing pertains to having two piercings done side by side. It can be done both on the upper surface of the tongue or beneath it.

  • Horizontal Tongue

This piercing style involves having the piercings placed horizontally on the tongue in a snake eye like position owing to which it also has the name ‘Snake Eye Piercing’. it also goes by the name of ‘Sideways Tongue Piercing’. This style of piercing is usually performed on those who have a thick tongue as it would make it easier for the piercings to heal quickly without causing any infection. Otherwise, the horizontal tongue piercing technique is not recommended as it can cause severe nerve damage.

Different Styles of Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly opted for jewelry styles for tongue piercings.

  • Barbells


These are the most common form of tongue piercing jewelry style and can be found in different sizes and ranges. They pose fewer risks of damage and infection while changing the jewelry.

  • Captured Bead Rings

These are usually opted for the side tongue piercing techniques. It is not recommended for first timers. 

Tongue piercing technique is the most common form of body piercing technique available. There are different techniques as well as different jewelry styles one can opt for when choosing to have his/her tongue pierced as well.

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