Different Piercings Styles and Ideas for Women

Body piercing has become very popular today, almost like a fad or fashion statement that allows individuals, women in particular, to express their feelings in a more artistic manner. There are different creative piercing styles and ideas for women, the most common of which are given below.

Dermal Piercings


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One of the most common forms of piercings sought by women is the dermal piercing technique. By dermal, the technique refers to having a piercing placed on the dermal layer of the skin. As opposed to tongue piercing and other forms of piercing where there is an entry and exit point for the piercing, dermal piercing will have only an entry point for the piercing, with the piercing itself looking like a bead on top of the skin. Here are some of the more common variants of dermal piercing techniques for women.



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This is the most common area chosen for dermal piercings. You can choose from a single piercing or multiple piercings, and from a range of exquisite jewelry styles to flaunt your piercing. The piercings can be placed on different areas of the ear as well including the ear lobe, helix, conch and the ear’s inner cartilage, etc.



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In this case, the piercing is placed on the skin above or below the eyebrows. Some choose to even have the piercing placed near the end of the eye lid. There is also a ‘third eye’ piercing technique that has the piercing placed right between the two eyebrows, giving the illusion of a third eye.



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Of late, a lot of individuals have started opting for neck piercings, with the nape of the neck being the most sought after style in this category. Many celebrities in fact, have opted to have this part of their body pierced in several artistic ways. You can also opt for a pair of piercings to be placed on or under the collar bones although this is a very risky procedure and is often not recommended. Another area is the hollow of the throat that can also be a suitable area for dermal piercings.

Lower Back


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This area has become a very popular spot for dermal piercings in women owing to the sheer amount of space one can play with. One of the latest trends pertains to having a series of piercings placed in a single line along the spine. You can start from the upper back and move down the spine to create an utterly sexy look. Another area in the lower back for dermal piercings is the hip and can easily accentuate your hips.



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Ever considered having dermal piercings done on your hands? For instance, you can have the piercings done on the underside of your wrist. Another area that can work well for dermal piercings is the fingers. For instance, a beautiful piercing placed on the ring finger can substitute an actual ring beautifully. 

There are several dermal piercing ideas for women that can make them look all the more beautiful. In addition to choosing from a range of different styles to choose from, one can also choose to wear these piercings in different areas of their body.

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