Body Piercing Guide

10 After care tips for female genital piercing

Most of the women getting ready for the piercing are not exactly aware of the clear location to be pierced until they are shown the pictures. Whatever it is, once you get the piercing done, you need to follow some after care so that you are safe from a

9 Types of female genital piercing

Female genital piercings are meant to arouse and stimulate sexual desire and act as enhancers. It is generally believed that genital piercing is quite painful, the reality however, is far from painful. Women who have had genital piercing describe the pain

What are the websites related to designer nose rings?

My best friend has done a nose piercing all by herself, and she looks stunning with a small black colored nose ring. Although she has recommended me to go for nose piercing, I am quite uncertain if it would suit me or not! Actually, I don’t have a pointed

Could belly piercing be a fun without any adverse effects?

I have really worked out hard in the gym to get a toned abdomen. Now, I can wear short tops with ease, and without fretting about my belly fat! One of my friends has suggested me to go for belly piercing as really looks fervid on toned abs. This has reall

What are the various types of piercings one can get done?

One day my daughter came from school and asked me about piercings .The next day she asked me whether she could also have a piercing , as many of her friends had got piercings done near the navel. She said that it was a really cool thing in college and wou

3 Tricks to get a temporary tattoo

Tattooing is such a widely accepted art form now that every country and every region have developed their very own tattoo culture. The tattoo scene is getting vibrant day by day with the infusion of different languages, pop culture, cartoons, satanic symb

4 Hottest body parts to get pierced

Body piercing is a fashion trend, which stay in vogue forever. Piercings are a great way to showcase self expression, increasing sexual appeal as well as the aesthetic value of the body, or simply as a part of religious or spiritual followings. The popula

4 Facts about navel piercing

Navel-piercing is exquisite and alluring. It is important to be well versed about facts related to navel piercing. Deciding the right style, taking precautions and aftercare is as much important as the trend it self. Here, we have put together some signif

3 Belly button risks

There is no denying the fact that belly button is the finest accessory for your stylish low-waist wardrobe. But everything that’s good does have some off-putting aspects about it and navel piercing is not different. Piercing in this part of your body take

Body piercing equipment: Needle or piercing gun?

Are you one of them who prefer a gun over a needle to get parts of your body pierced? Then think again. There are plenty of reasons for you to change your opinion. No doubt the pain is relatively less with a gun shot while piercing but have you ever tho

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