3 Tricks to get a temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoo

Tattooing is such a widely accepted art form now that every country and every region have developed their very own tattoo culture. The tattoo scene is getting vibrant day by day with the infusion of different languages, pop culture, cartoons, satanic symbols, fantasy art, etc. Often, people find themselves besotted with the idea of getting a specific tattoo they saw in a magazine, movie or on a person. The only deterrent to their resolve is the idea of getting a permanent tattoo and the pain associated with it. Well, there is an easy way out. Going for a temporary tattoo, makes it possible to sport a tattoo design without fearing pain. Here are a few tricks to get a temporary tattoo.

1. Stick-ons

Anyone can try these easy to apply tattoo alternatives. First, you have to immerse the back of the stick-on paper in water which will make it easy for you to remove the cover. Then wait for few seconds and apply it to your body. Since stick-ons do not require any kind of needle or harmful chemicals, they are completely safe for your body. These body art stickers do not last longer than 2 to 7 hours on your body.

2. Henna kit

This form of body art requires high level of precision on the part of drawing artist. Henna lasts longer on your body than stick ons. Although henna tattoos are created all over the world, their origin can be traced back to India. Tattoos are a sacred bridal accessory used to decorate the hands, feet, and skin of the bride and her female relatives. Before opting for henna based tattoo, make sure to buy only fresh ingredients. The henna powder can be mixed with tea, sugar, lemon juice, or coffee, depending on your choice and the kind of effect you want to achieve. After applying the paste, let it dry for as long as possible. The final design or form will last up to weeks.

3. Airbrush tattoo

Airbrush tattoo is created by using an airbrush appliance. An airbrush appliance can cover your skin with different prints and patterns, ranging from simple to complex designs. Among the available options, you can go for cartoon heroes, popular motifs, and famous paintings. These tattoos are an advantage over henna as they offer more variety in design and color. They also last longer on your skin for around 3 to 4 days.

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