3 Belly button risks

Belly button risks

There is no denying the fact that belly button is the finest accessory for your stylish low-waist wardrobe. But everything that’s good does have some off-putting aspects about it and navel piercing is not different. Piercing in this part of your body takes the longest time to heal or restore. Before you finally decide to get your belly button pierced, consider all safety precautions. Getting piercing done in an unhygienic manner can result in infections. Here are the 3 most common risks.

1. Disease Transmission

When getting your belly pierced, the procedure, skill and familiarity with the art should not be the only attributes to consider. There are chances of you catching some persistent infections, hepatitis B and C, severe skin reactions and soreness. So do not get yourself into it without sufficient investigation about the hygienic condition of the place you are getting it done from. Make sure there are no pre-used tools and the person is adequately informed about cleansing the piercing area correctly. In addition to it, check whether the tools are thoroughly uncontaminated. The place should provide you with a new needle and it should be discarded as soon as you are done with it. Taking all these things into consideration you can ward off the risk of disease transmission through piercing.

2. Scarring

Scarring is the standard glitch that is associated with all kind of piercing. It is not unusual for some people to change their mind about getting pierced when they cannot stand the thought of living rest of their life with a scar. It should be kept in mind that the area once pierced will never look like the surrounding area. Also you should accept that not everybody’s belly is right for piercing. The person you are getting it done from should be specialized in anatomy so that he can tell you whether the size of your belly is appropriate or not. Migration is likely to happen (shift from the pierced place) if your belly is not right for the piercing. The nature and the extent of the scar can differ from person to person and if you choose to put yourself in unskilled hands, the scar can even get worse. A new or even an old piercing yanked or plucked vigorously will also lead to deepening of the scar. Being concerned and sticking to the piercers recommendations can help you avert the unnecessary scarring.

3. Irritation and Infections

Irritation and several infections are the agonizing repercussions of navel piercing. They include swelling, soreness, boils and abscesses. All these things happen because microbes penetrate your body while piercing. If you stroke or turn around your piercing things might go worse. Initially even the burden of your garments can put you through a lot of pain. Keep away from taking off the jewelry as this can trap- in the virus and bacteria and they can move to other vital parts of your body. Infection is not usual during the curative phase and you can jeopardize your situation by not sticking to the piercers’ advice.

It is advisable to take good care of the pierced area by cleaning it regularly with soap and not touching it unnecessarily. Also if it takes much time to heal you should not ignore it instead you should opt for medical help.

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