9 Types of female genital piercing

Types of female genital piercing

Female genital piercings are meant to arouse and stimulate sexual desire and act as enhancers. It is generally believed that genital piercing is quite painful, the reality however, is far from painful. Women who have had genital piercing describe the pain to be equivalent to ear piercing. As the culture has become popular, it has led to the evolvement of varied types of genital piercing. Here, we have put together, various types of female genital piercing.

1. Clitoris piercing

Piercing done through the clitoris is Clitoris piercing.This piercing sits on the top of your vagina, just below the hood of your labia. The usual understanding of clitoris piercing is far from the actual piercing. Most of the women actually want a clitoral hood piercing when they ask for clitoris piercing. It is recommended that you should get this piercing under extreme professional and expert guidance. You need to have a large clitoris to get this piercing done. Moreover, the skin of your clitoris hood should not be so thick that it overshadows the clitoris. Your clitoris should be large and the hood should allow it to be exposed easily for a safe pierce. So check for yourself and ensure that your anatomy allows you the pleasure of a clitoris piercing. You can wear barbells and captive bead rings on your clitoris piercing for a wonderful and pleasurable experience.

2. Princess Albertina piercing

A large urethra will enable you to go for this piercing. This again is a rare type of piercing as very few opt for this as it increases the probability for catching urinary tract infection. This piercings sits right near the top of your vagina. The ring enters urethra, coming out through the vagina-top. This piercing stimulates urethra nerves, thus enhancing your sexual pleasure at the time of a sexual activity. Captive bead rings are worn on these piercing for a better attraction.

3. Christina piercing

Christina piercing is quite common among women. It is also popularly known as Venus piercing. The jewelry worn on this piercing enters the intersection point of the underside of your pubic hood and outer labia. Circular barbells, captive bead rings and surface bars are often used to adorn this kind of piercing.

4. Inner Labia piercing

The physical stimulation of inner labia piercing gives it an edge over other kinds of piercing. This is one of the most common piercing styles. Its aesthetic value is widely appreciated and it offers you wonderful stimulation during sexual activities. You can use captive rings to enhance the inner labia piercing. The jewelry should be 14-10 gauge.

5. Outer Labia piercing

This is another of kind of piercing that qualifies for the ‘rare’ tag. Apart from the fact that this one gets more often rejected than the one on inner labia, outer labia piercing often reacts hostile to sweat and tight clothes. Outer labia piercings are done on the sides of your labia. Experts recommend following high hygiene etiquette as the piercings are prone to infection. Captive rings are the best embellishments for this piercing.

6. Fourchette

Another of those ‘rare genital piercing’ where your anatomy needs to support your piercing choices. This is placed at the perineum of the bottom of your vaginal opening. The piercing rarely causes any pain. Captive beads will beautify this piercing.

7. Horizontal Clitoris Hood piercing

Placed well on a supportive anatomy, horizontal clitoris piercing gives extreme pleasure in sexual activities. Experts believe that unless placed accurately at the top of your clitoris, this piercing bears no result. Captive beads and circular bead rings are often used to adorn the piercing.

8. Vertical Hood piercing

The easiest and most popular female genital piercing is perhaps the vertical hood piercing. The hood tissue is on top of the clitoris. Captive bead rings and curved barbells often secure the pleasure this piercing experience.

9. Triangle piercing

Triangle piercing is a unique piercing. This kind of piercing is done in such a way where in, coming from behind the hood, the jewelry inserts below the genital and behind the clitoris. In this piercing, if the front of clitoris gets stimulated, the back will also get stimulated. Captive bead rings are suitable for this piercing.

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