10 After care tips for female genital piercing

Genital piercing

Most of the women getting ready for the piercing are not exactly aware of the clear location to be pierced until they are shown the pictures. Whatever it is, once you get the piercing done, you need to follow some after care so that you are safe from all kinds of complications. Here are some 10 aftercare tips for female genital piercing.

1. Healing time

The time taken for the healing of your piercing is about 2-12 months. You are advised not to indulge in sex for at least 6 weeks till the wound is healed and you are ready.

2. Maintain hygiene

Avoid touching the pierced spot with dirty hands. If you require touching, clean your hands properly before touching.

3. Clean during shower

If you want to clean the piercing place, the best place to choose is shower. Let clean water fall all over the piercing before you start cleaning it. This enables the softening and washing away of the dry and crusted discharges around the affected area. Use a wet cotton ball if there is any debris remaining on the wound.

4. Avoid bathing in bath tubs

In order to enhance healing and reduce pain, take only showers, and do not bath for the first two weeks. If you sit in your bath tub for a long time, you could come in contact with some bacteria or chemicals from the soaps on your genital area. This can lead to infection and irritation.

5. Use saline solution

The genital area has some healthy bacteria that help you to prevent various kinds of infection. Using a soap to clean the area may not be for all because it can kill the bacteria. In order to prevent this, use saline solution or simple sea salt to wash the area two times a day. The solution can also be used after sex. If you want to clean the area thoroughly, use a light liquid anti-microbial soap. Use only one or two drops of the solution to clean the jewelry as well the pierced area. Then use clean water.

6. Use a clean cloth to wipe clean the moisture

For removing the moisture after cleaning, use a dry and clean cloth. Avoid rubbing the cloth on the area. Just pat and wipe gently. You can also use dry and soft paper towels. Avoid using towel or wash cloth because they are the breeding grounds of bacteria.

7. Clean atleast once a day

The professionals may give you an estimated time for the healing of the piercing. Clean the area properly at least once a day. What you need to remember is that your piecing may not heal completely by this time. You may need to be careful for many more weeks till it heals completely.

8. Avoid chemical laden products

Avoid using all kinds of astringents, creams or ointments on the piercing. This may lead to other complications. Use only the materials suggested by an expert.

9. Use dental guard or condom

Let the body fluids not come in contact with the piercings for a few weeks initially. This includes both semen and saliva. This means that you are not restricted from indulging in sexual activity. Remember to use a dental guard or condom for any type of contact. This can prevent infection.

10. Use clean clothes and wash hands before you touch

Always remember whatever comes in contact with the area has to be very clean. This includes your clothes, hands and bedding too. In case you experience any kind of discomfort or itching, it can be due to the laundry detergent. Use some mild detergents that do not contain bleaching or stain-removing ingredients.

Genital piercing should be done with great care because it directly affects you sexual happiness. If the piercing is placed in a wrong position, it can lead to various problems such as loss of sensation temporarily or permanently. Always go to a well experienced and licensed piecing artist who can do a good job. Along with getting the piercing done properly, you have to take care of the area well. Use of wrong cleaning solutions can aggravate the pain and delay the healing process. .

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