15 Male genital piercing types

Male genital piercing

Male genital piercing is a popular trend. If you are going for male genital piercing, you should be aware of the choices available. The popularity of this trend has led to the evolvement of several types of male genital piercings. We have put together, a list of 15 most popular forms of male genital piercings. Read on and if you are going for one settle for the best

1. Prince Albert piercing

In this type, the piercing is done on the underside of penis head, which passes through urethral opening. It comes with loop jewelry that dangles down from the bottom of penis head. It takes at least two to four weeks to get healed completely. Circular barbell, captive bead ring, curved barbell and such other jewelry are used for this piercing.

2. Hafada piercing

Such piercing is located on the skin of scrotum. Such piercing does not penetrate deep in the scrotum. Due to its flexibility and looseness on the skin area, it does not eject much like other surface piercings. Piercing which passes from front to back or other side is known as transscrotal piercing.

3. Guiche genital piercing

Such piercing is placed in the skin between scrotum and anus. You can also get more than that which is called a ladder. Such area helps in sexual stimulation and piercing enhances it more. If you add some guiche weights to the piercing, the pleasure is doubled.

4. Dolphin piercing

In this type of piercing, Prince Albert piercing is attached to another deeper Prince Albert piercing. The name is taken due to the jewellery appearance, which drives through the surface of skin. Usually for such type of piercing, curved barbell is used.

5. Dydoe genital piercing

Such piercing is done on the ridge of penis head. It is usually for men who are circumcised and still have foreskin. Men should have large ridge for such piercing. However, it can be a bit painful and the rate of rejection will be high.

6. Apadravya piercing

Apadravya and ampallang piercings are almost same. It passes through the penis glan vertically from top to bottom. It is always placed in the center and it possess through the urethra. You can also do off-shore apasdravyas where piercing is deliberately offset and passes through urethra. For such type of piecing, straight barbells are mostly used.

7. Ampallang piercing

In such type of piercing, there is a penetration around the entire penis glans horizontally. This piercing can be transurethral which passes through urethra. Shaft ampallang penetrates on the shaft on penis horizontally along the length at any point. People usually go with straight barbells for such piercing. You must have long jewelry to accommodate the expansion of penis during erection.

8. Magic cross piercing

This piecing is the combination of ampallang and apadravya piercings. The cross is formed when these two piercing are done. However every piercing is done in separate session, but some men do it at the same time. Usually barbells jewelry is used for such type of piercing.

9. Reverse Prince Albert piercing

This is said to be popular male genital piercing. It enters through urethra and comes out through the hole pierced in glans top. It takes much longer time as compared to Prince Albert piercing to be healed. Jewelry like captive bead rings and barbells are used commonly in this piercing.

10. Foreskin piercings

To do such piercing it does not take time, as the skin is thin. It is also healed quickly and does not pain much. However, if the foreskin is tight, this piercing can affect other genital piercings.

11. Deep shaft piercings

Such piercing passes through the penile shaft. They are often similar to ampallangs and apadravyas piercing. However, such type of piercing is very rare as there is lot of pain while getting it done. You can also get bleeding. It takes lot of time to be healed. This is done behind the penis head but you can also make it further back. Usually barbells are the common piercing jewelry for such type.

12. Pubic genital piercing

It is known especially for giving more pleasure to women. If you want to make your woman happy, then consider such piercing. It is placed at the shaft base, which is horizontal to the penis. While having sex, the piercing is rubbed against the woman’s clitoris.

13. Frenum piercing

Such type of piercing is done below the shaft of penis. To get healed it takes at least 205 weeks. However, you have to take extra care of such piercings when done. Captive bed rings or barbells are used for such type of piercing.

14. Frenum ladder

This type of piecing is also known as Jacob’s ladder. There is frenum piercing series, which gets extended from below the penis head till the penis shaft. Most of the time piercing also comes with a guiche ladder. It takes almost two to five weeks to get completely healed. Barbells are preferred for such type of piercing.

15. Lorum piercing

This is another famous genital piercing, which is horizontally placed on the underside of penis where it meets scrotum. The word lorum is used as it is placed at a very low area. You can also have ladder or multiple rungs added just like frenum piercing.

Make sure that when you decide to go for piecing option, you follow some rules. Look for the piercer profile and see if he is registered with APP. If the process is done in a wrong way then it can result in some kind of serious and continuous bleeding. The room where you will get your piercing done must be clean and hygienic. The whole process must be performed with single sterile, which must be new and unopened. Make sure that the piercer opens the new packet in front of you. The jewelry should be also new. It must not be opened before you reach. Sterilized equipment can ensure protection against STDs, leprosy, hepatitis, HIV and tetanus.

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