6 Cool Tattoo Ideas Full of Wisdom From The Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is one of the most sacred texts of Hindus, full of wisdom imparting verses (or Shlokas) that can be used as great tattoo ideas too. The text contains thousands of shlokas but here are the best 6 for making pensive tattoos.

Best 6 Bhagavad Gita Teachings Tattoo Ideas

  1. Beginning & End Is The SameImage Source : img2.amuserr.comAccording to the sacred Hindu text, Universe is a never-ending entity continuously dying and rebirthing. Whenever the universe is on the verge of an ending, a new beginning is there to go on board. Therefore, there is no beginning and no end. We’ll are just in for an endless loop of time.
  2. Birth Of The Savior
    One Bhagavad Gita shloka describes the state of affairs when The God himself comes to the world. Whenever there is a great loss of righteousness i.e. Dharma and upsurge in unrighteousness i.e. Adharma, The God takes birth in the mortal world. He then saves the unfortunate and delivers redemption to the sinners.
  3. Death Is The Beginning

    Image Source : orig05.deviantart.netOne of the witty things taught to us by Bhagavad Gita is that death is just a beginning. It is described as merely a change of dress in the Bhagavad Gita shloka. The shloka also preaches that giving up the body by a soul is to accept other offerings from the universe.
  4. Everything Changes but The Change Itself is a Constant
    Everything around us changes over time. Whether the change takes a few seconds or many centuries, a change is inevitable. This is merely represented by a triangle. Thus, to live a content life, embrace all the changes that are happening and those that are about to come.
  5. Karma

    Image Source : i0.wp.comWhatever you do has some effect somewhere in the universe, whether it is apparent or not. This is known as the law of Karma. Every individual has a Karmic account i.e. a catalog of all accomplished acts. According to that account, the life and the afterlife of an individual are shaped because of the Karmic account.
  6. You Are The Universe
    A beautiful shloka in the Bhagavad Gita uncovers the very existence of the universe. The shloka, which in actual is the knowledge conveyed to the mighty warrior Arjuna by Lord Krishna, tells that each element present in the universe lies in a human form. A human has all the qualities and emotions of the universe i.e. a human is a complete universe in itself. 


What’s better than a body tattoo is a body tattoo full of wisdom. It’s attractive, beautiful and full of purpose.

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