Celebs with meaningful tattoos on their body

Tattoos are in vogue now, not only the celebrities but also the common gentry has also a craze for tattoos. However, the celeb world exerts an influence over common people to adopt such styles. Celebrities get interesting tattoos done on them, which have some meaning to them and they have attractive placements. To flaunt their tattoos, celebs do not mind that extra exposure to flash out the art on their body. We have brought these following celebrities with the meaningful tattoos on their body. Have a look:


Penelope Cruz

Penelope has three tattoos on her body, which are quite mysterious. The recent one is a tribal crucifix on her right hand. Then she has a small round tattoo on her left inner side of wrist. Penelope does not talk about the meaning of any of her tattoos and the tattoo on the bottom of her right leg, the numerical “883,” is something that is a mystery for many people. Many guesses continue appearing, like some say it is the famous Harley Davidson model number, some say it is related to Scientology, and many more. However, Penelope has always insisted that it is her tattoo and her boy, so she should be the only one interested in the meaning also.


Mena Suvari

This American Beauty star has two prominent tattoos on her body, but we have nothing to say about their significance. On the back of her neck, she has a large lion head and the words – word and sound power. She is not a Leo, and it does not seem that these words are related to her life mantra. The second tattoo is placed in the middle of her chest – number 13. We suspect that maybe she is superstitious or the number 13 has some private significance for her.


Miley Cyrus

She is no way stranger to tattoos, as she has a total of 22 tattoos on her body as of now. Her most recent addition is a cat on her inner lip, an ohm symbol on her left wrist, anchor on her right wrist, the words “bad,” “karma,” and “evil eye”, and the list goes on and on. According to her the most significant tattoo is the four-feathered dream catcher on her right side. She believes that her dream catcher will protect her and her four siblings while they sleep.


Victoria Beckham

The most talked about and the most meaningful tattoos on her body is – “Ani l’dodi li va’ani lo haro’eh bashoshanim”. This means – “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”.


Having a tattoo is one thing and having a meaningful tattoo is another. These celebs exert an influence over people to get meaningful tattoos.

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