3 Pre-Sleeve Tattoo Checks and 7 Cool Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

You can have your favorite saying drawn on your sleeve to show everybody what you hold on to. Or, you can have an abstract floral art extolled from shoulder to wrist. Here are 7 cool sleeve tattoo ideas.

3 Things to Check Before You Pick A Sleeve Tattoo

  1. Type
    Based on the drawing length, there are 4 groupings about choosing a sleeve tattoo – quarter, half, three-quarter and full. There is no constraint, only your choice matters.
  2. Color
    Once you’re done with the tattoo length, next is color selection. There are several options. Like you can go for multiple/full color tattoo, or have it drawn in a single color. You can also opt for 2-color, 3.color, et cetera variations.
  3. Duration
    How much time will the tattoo design take to complete? Will it be completed in a couple of minutes? Or will it require several hours? Be sure to know it first.

7 Best Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

  1. Celestial
    You can have some starry landscape pictured on your sleeve. It can be anything ranging from, the earth in front with stars in the back view or the Milky Way galaxy drawn in its full crystalline might.
  2. Elemental Design
    Looking for a cultural insignia drawn on your sleeve? Consider putting on an elemental design. Though most popularly Chinese elements are common, you can get other cultural elements inscribed on your sleeve too.
  3. Famed Art Piece
    Having some famous piece of art on your sleeve is also a great idea. You can have your favorite famed drawing pictured on your sleeve or you can have an imitation of some popular portrait like the Mona Lisa.
  4. Floral Art
    Tribal in nature, floral art sleeve tattoo is usually used with other elements like an animal and abstract art. You can have either a blazing red rose or some make-believe flower with unreal leaves on your sleeve.
  5. Message
    You can have a message inscribed on your sleeve to let the world know what you really want to convey and what you actually believe.
  6. Scriptures
    If you wish to put up your favorite saying or an extract from the holy book on your sleeve, then a scripture tattoo is your best bet. This type of sleeve tattoo looks best in half and full sizes.
  7. Your Favorite Role Model
    Fans are always trying to show-off undying love for their favorite artiste, whether it is the Bob Marley-loving Rastafarians or the metalheads going crazy for the screaming Tom Araya.


Before heading out to an artist for drawing any of these fabulous tattoos on your sleeve, double-check your decision since such tattoos are long lasting.

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