5 Popular tattoo designs for foot

The tattoos can be placed anywhere, with the body as a huge canvas. One of the most preferred tattoo placement amongst the tattoo bearers is foot. Foot tattoos, though painful, look striking. For a foot tattoo to look good, selection of a creative tattoo design is essential. A variety of designs can be experimented on the foot. Enlisted here are a few popular designs.

1. Zodiac signs

Sun signs or zodiac signs have always been a tattoo trend for the feminine or masculine gender. An eloquent design of your zodiac sign reveals a part of your identity and also your attributes. Since no symmetry is possible for a sun sign, a tattoo with both the feet joined together would be a much more convenient and better option. Another way could be your zodiac tattoo on one foot, the other feet with your partners zodiac sign. With both the feet together this would reflect both of your compatibility as a couple. A single tattoo on only one foot may look odd.

2. Celestial signs

All of us have heard of a world under our feet. But a world ‘on our feet’ is more interesting. Creating various celestial designs on your feet may seem to be fashionable. It indicates a different world at your feet, an aspiration to reach higher and higher, a desire to touch the heavens and aim for all success and happiness in life. For some celestial symbols like the sun or the moon, which are considered to be sacred for many religions would be an insult. So be careful!

3. Motto of life

Instead of going in for a design, you can have the motto of your life on your feet. Catchy lines denoting your personality and your attitude in life can be visible to the world on your feet. It is a common phenomenon to see such lines on T-shirts. It’s a rare sight to have it as a tattoo. You can even have a funny, humorous one liner to lighten up your mood when you are forced to look down in life!

4. Floral patterns

Flowery patterns is a total feminine choice. But with changing times, the thinking is changing too. Delicate floral patters on strong, masculine feet indicates that you have a soft nature but you can act rough and tough as per the need of the hour.

5. Cartoons, personalities

You can even have your favorite personality’s caricature or your favorite cartoon on your feet. Be a bit careful about what people may think of having a face looming out from your feet! A cartoon may look funny.

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