4 Most preferred tattoo lettering styles

Tattoo artists offer a choice of varied designs and lettering styles. A tattoo letter consists of various fonts and writing styles. There are various fonts in which the tattoo can be designed. The most popular fonts being Chinese, Roman, and British and calligraphic lettering. The lettering font that you choose for your tattoo is a reflection of your preferences. Here are the 4 most preferred tattoo lettering styles.

1. Chinese text pattern

The Chinese alphabet has long fascinated tattoo bearers all over the world. Maybe it’s the ability of certain characters to represent things like love, peace, forgiveness, with single characters.

2. Tribal tattoos

This type of tattoo design is influenced by various tribal dynasties. This type of tattoo design is also gaining popularity as it is a very unique style of tattoo designing. This type of design can also be incorporated with other patterns of tattoos to create a unique and different style.

3. Flower influenced tattoos

Generally, women tend to opt for flower design tattoos on various parts of their body. A flower tattoo can be a representation of many different things. For example, a white flower could denote purity, a red flower, passion, and so on.

4. Text tattoos in different languages

Text has been one of the most popular tattoos for a while now. It is a trend that is slowly but surely catching on. When people are in doubt about their own changing tastes and suspect that a design they get today, will be regretted tomorrow, then a text tattoo is ideal. Text tattoos can be in different fonts, different languages, (most popular ones being chinese and old british font) but they all contain quotes that are close to the person’s heart.

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