7 Ideas for knuckle tattoos

Getting tattoo fixed on the body is an artwork. Donning the knuckles with tattoos go well with a guy’s style. Tattoos on knuckles were associated with gangs in the past. Intelligent phrases, images, and words that are meaningful count as suitable options for knuckle tattoos. If you have decided to go for one, here is a list of popular designs to help you out.

1. Religious tattoos

Tattoos that signify religious meanings are a good option for knuckles. Religious quotations like “I love Jesus” or “Jesus Christ” are some specific options that Christians look out for when it comes to knuckle art. For those who are skeptical about the existence of God can consider piercing in Pismo Beach and hard piercer at Mothershop Tattoo, just like Johnny Bravo. In fact, he had got engraved all the symbols of different religions on his strong knuckles with ink which was light black in color. This ink was visible only when it was dark. Johnny had good reasons that why he got these tattooed onto his knuckles. The first one was that he found it funny and the other one was that he would have all his bases covered at the time of his death.

2. Definitive statements

Getting some definitive statements tattooed onto the knuckles is a great option that one can go for. The statement that one gets tattooed onto the knuckles is just represent one’s views and perspectives toward life, hopes, goals, and ambitions. Time bomb and game over are a few quotes that show dangerous ideas and flamboyant attitude of a person. Lone wolf and lost hope are a few quotes that point out the sadness and loneliness that a guy is suffering from. On the other hand, phrases like “Hold Fast”, “Hell yeah” and “Sink Swim” are the markers that point toward a much more enthusiasm toward life.

3. Share a secret

You can also wear a tattoo that has a secret meaning hidden in it and it’s only you who would be knowing the actual meaning of it which is something great and innovative as well. For example, if one wears a tattoo on the middle finger, it may be concluded that the person is compulsive and borderline obsessive.

4. Pay tribute

Tattoos are also a good means to pay heartiest tribute to our loved ones who bereave us. A standby like R.I.P, then by the side of it, you can wear the name of the person and his or her date of death. Apart from the 10 fingers that the hand offers, you can also think about the entire hand. From the wrist to the nails of the finger, you can also go for tattoos that have roses, faces, and dedications. Do not limit your imagination. Be innovative and think of some unique ideas.

5. Picture a coined saying

Now, because the canvas for your tattoo is the knuckles, you can also get sand which can be tattooed onto your knuckles. You can coin a simple phrase like “Knuckle sandwich” which is really innovative and cool. You can also frame many other sayings that go well with your attitude and add charm to your personality.

6. Design that looks like a ring

You can also get a design made on the top of your knuckle or the area below that which appears like a ring but it is not actually a ring. A pretty cool design is something great that one can go for. This design is actually an illusion like that of a real ring. There are many known celebrities who have got designs on their knuckles which look like a real ring on the knuckle.

7. Serious card player

If you are the one who loves playing card, then this one is definitely for you. The love and enjoyment for cards can be shown by getting a diamond, spade, heart, and clove tattooed onto your strong knuckles. This is one of the most unique and different ideas that one can go for. Not only these symbols, there are many other symbols as well that you can get tattooed. It’s not important for the hardcore card game fans to get these symbols done on the knuckles. Even if you are not fond of cards, you can go for the card deck onto your knuckles. These small symbols look great.

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