5 Cool Ambigram Tattoos

‘Ambigrams’ are generally those words that would read exactly the same no matter from whichever side you read them. In the tattoo world however, ambigrams would include all those trendy ones that would look same from both sides! Sometimes that would mean exactly the opposites too! Let’s take a look at the coolest ambigrams available!

· Saint-sinner

This is the ‘going’ type of ambigram. Read it straight and it would be a sane saint. Read it upside down, you would find the opposite of Saint, ‘Sinner’! It is a wonderful tattoo, precisely a miracle of the artist!


· Loyalty-Betrayal

For those who wish to celebrate their ex’s ditching them can definitely go for the ‘Loyalty-Betrayal’ symbol. An exemplary tattoo in itself, it has got a lot of power in it! And most importantly, it is stunning to mark how people carve out wonderful art forms to express their emotions!


· True love

Well, this tattoo is not exactly what literal ambigrams stand for. But yet the words, ‘True’ and ‘Love’ would look pretty much the same! You need to give a long glance at it to understand the underlying phrase. Again, a wonderful combination and highly appreciable!


· Truth hurts

‘Truth hurts’ – doesn’t it hold true for the entire Universe? Most people wouldn’t dare display it. But if you are among the bold ones who would take pride in facing the truth, have this ambigram inked onto your skin. Recommendations are that have it inked on your hands. The effect would be completely stunning!


· Pain-love

Another truth we all know is that love is painful. Despite this we fall in love! So, if you have experienced that characteristic pain in your life, express it with this amazing tattoo! This ambigram again would hold eyeballs still! Another miracle from the world of tattoo artists!


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