Snake tattoos

It is not that we are asking you to be complete smithereens! Some literary personalities have given a mystic badness to snakes, and why not? Which human is not afraid of snakes? Yet, snakes are the most mysterious kinds of creatures with a world of curiosity about them. There is always an air of awe as well as fear surrounding these reptiles. Want to have that same feeling honed over yourself? Well, you must then go for sane snake tattoos! Here are 5 exemplary snake tattoos of all times.

· Skull snakes

These are usually representation of black power, invincible and evidence of complete authority. Skull snakes are extremely popular among men these days. You can have them inked all over your arms, your back or your lower waist


· Chinese snakes

In the Chinese culture snakes are referred whenever it is God in picture. Snakes have a huge religious importance among the Chinese. It symbolizes grace, calmness and perceptiveness. Do you remember snake as one of the Kung-Fu warriors in Kung-Fu Panda? Then spot one on your body!


· Circle of life

Snakes, due to their flexible body structure, can easily modify into odd shapes; the shape of infinity being one of them. In the world of ink and tattoo, snakes have been seen to complete the infinity symbol in the easiest manner! You can have one carved on your shoulder as well!


· Snakes as protection

In Greek Mythology, snakes are used to symbolize healing and protection. Consequently, many sacred forms like discs are indicated by a snake. And for you, display a big one all around your abdomen to show that you are protected and no one can ever harm you!


· Japanese snakes

These are big ones with some dragon-like features drawn on them. Very much similar to their Chinese counterparts, they are again wonderful tattoos to flaunt.


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