Why tattoos are losing their appeal

Tattoos are slowly losing their appeal and charm. Let us find out why people are unimpressed by tattoos nowadays.


Why tattoos are losing their appeal

  • Complications – There are a lot of things you have to take care of if you want to get a tattoo. Getting inked is only half of the job done, the rest of the things have to be taken care of by you. You have to keep the area away from water and keep moisturizing it in the initial days when the tattoo is still fresh. Not doing so will lead to bacterial infections. Even when you go out in the sun, you have to keep wearing sunscreen so that the tattoo doesn’t lose its color.
  • Infections – Infections may occur when you are still undergoing the healing process. It is not uncommon to get an infection from that place where you get the tattoo done, like the parlour. Serious infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, tuberculosis or even HIV can spread by the use of unhygienic equipment by the tattoo artist. Although this is mostly because of the mistake of the tattoo artist, the overall image of getting a tattoo has seriously been hampered by this.
  • Social stigma – There is a certain social stigma attached to tattoos and the people who get them. Society generally looks down upon people who get tattoos thinking they are brash and trashy. IF you get a tattoo done, it might be difficult to get a job. Interviewers are not very forgiving when it comes to tattoos, as unlikely as it might seem.


  • Non-committal attitude – People are non-committal towards all things in life nowadays. A tattoo is forever and getting one done on your body is like making it a part of your life for all years to come. Not everyone is up for it and have their apprehensions. People change, and rarely do they find something in life to hold on to forever.
  • Offputting and unattractive – Recent surveys suggest that more and more people are finding people with tattoos unattractive. They might also not choose to go out with a person who has a tattoo and find it a turn-off. They would prefer someone who goes all natural rather than go out with someone who has a decoration on his arm or neck.
  • A tattoo gone wrong – There are always chances that the tattoo might go wrong and be a mess of what you actually had in mind. People prefer not to take chances so that they might not be a subject of ridicule later on with a botched-up tattoo job.

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