Things to avoid in tattoo designs

The first thing about tattoos is they are permanent. If you are thinking of getting one done, you should definitely stay away from these designs for various reasons.


Things to avoid in tattoo designs

  • Any tattoo on your face – A tattoo on the face is anything but cool. It makes you look like a different person altogether, and not in a good way. Face tattoos look extremely creepy and are very dangerous since they involve X-rays of your face as well.
  • Celebrity faces – There must surely be something else that means to you much more than a celebrity you admire right ?Tattoos are forever and the love of a celebrity might fade over time but that tattoo certainly won’t. More often than not, you will just end up looking like a fool after the admiration and craze fades in a few years, or worse, months. Plus there is always a chance of the tattoo of a face going bad , even if it is not a celebrity. Tattooing a face is an intense job with a lot of intricate details to take care of and messing up even a little detail can ruin the entire thing and yes, it is permanent.


  • Cartoons – Yes, we love cartoons but getting one as a tattoo on any part of your body is just plain childish. Do not let fond memories of childhood be ruined by getting a tattoo of them, only to regret later.
  • Food –  Food is essential and yes, we all love food even though not all of us will like to admit it. But getting a tattoo of a food item on your body is bizarre. IF you love food so much, just eat it. Getting a tattoo done of food is juvenile, tasteless and not at all appealing. IT sure might seem like a ‘different’ thing and might cause a few laughs at first, but trust us, they will be another source of regret and irritation to you very soon.
  • Partner’s name – Love is beautiful and makes the best of us mortals. BUT getting a tattoo done of the name of your partner permanently on your body is not a great idea at all. We do not want to be a mood dampener but the truth is relationships all seem hunky-dory at first but after a while, after the honeymoon period is over, things seem to get awry and out of hand.

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