When is it too early to get inked?

If you are contemplating on undertaking a tattoo job on any of your body parts, it is worth knowing that tattoos are permanent designs which cannot be taken off later, even if you wish to. So before taking the plunge, here are some things to take note of.


Have No Idea What You Want. 

It is always better to mediate on some tattoo idea before taking the sojourn to the artist’s rather than landing up with your head blank. Scour the internet, check out the latest trends or rummage through figure drawings to come up with your own unique idea. This way you will also shell out lesser money by putting forth your idea and letting the artists don their creative hat to create whatever best they can with the idea that you gave them.


Do not Expect to Be Tattooed Immediately. 

Do not be disillusioned if you call up the store to find that you need an appointment for your tattoo work to be done and the next available date is after two weeks or a month or as far as 3 months. In fact, taking prior appointments is a sign of a reputed shop which might also charge you some amount to register or book your appointment date.

You might also not be welcomed beyond measure as soon as you step inside the store by the artist himself, another factor which proves that the artist has sufficient appointments and bookings in his pocket to be busy and not waiting for the chance to pocket your money. So if you are escorted to the store by the front counter personnel, take it as another sign of a good store.


Do not Be Drunk or on Pills.

Although this may seem a mere no-brainer, yet there are actually many who truly go for tattooing after indulging in alcohol or being on pills. Of course, you would not like it if your artist came to you in a drunken state and the same holds true for them as well. The reason why it is advised not to come drunk is that not only do people on alcohol bleed more than do normal people, they also cannot sit properly in one place for long which definitely irks the artists.


Should You Consider a Tattoo when you are pregnant?

It is recommended to keep your patience until your little baby comes to the world and not indulging in tattooing when you are pregnant. For one, your skin tends to remain stretched when you are expecting, hence when it gets back to normal or shrinks post delivery your tattoo may take up a completely different garb than what it had originally looked like.

You may even have a different idea for a tattoo after your little one is born or you may decide against in completely, hence the wait is worth your money and the pain you would be undergoing for it.

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