Top Spine Tattoos That Make Quite An Impression

Spine tattoos is a cool way to express yourself in style. These are best to show off on all those beach party visits with your friends and all. Due to their surge in popularity, new spine tattoo designs are emerging every now and then. Here are some rather interesting spine tattoos.

  1. Moon Phases

Image Source : Assets.Ec.Quoracdn.Net

This unique spine tattoo design depicts all the phases of the moon along the spine of a person. It looks attractive with eight drawings of the moon with each moon shaded in black color accordingly to its phase. The tattoo extends from the shoulder line to the middle of the spine.

  1. Wing tattoo

Image Source : ThisIsTattoo.Com

This tattoo for spine features a painting of a spine and two wings attached to the spine at the top. The feathered wings extend from the center of the spine to the bottom of the shoulders. The design looks incredible and awesome.

  1. Seahorse on spine

Image Source : Pinimg.Com

This beautiful spine tattoo has a painting of a seahorse with a floral design at the bottom. It is a small tattoo, which only utilizes the upper spine of the body. The design of the tattoo is attractive and looks quite good.

  1. Quote tattoos

Image Source : Tattoo-Models.Net

Writing a quote on the spine with beautiful letters looks good. Although difficult to read by the bearer, it certainly will give inspiration to the reader. The quotes can be in any language, depending on your preference.

  1. Skelton design tattoo

Image Source : CreativeFan.Com

The tattoo imitates itself as the real backbone of a person. This design is neat and looks spectacular on the back. It also features rib cage along with the backbone design. It almost covers the back of the person.

  1. Chakras design

Image Source :  CreemMagazine.Com

According to the Hindu mythology, there are seven chakras in the human body. This tattoo denotes all those chakras on the spine and is particularly popular among the yoga enthusiasts. All the chakras have beautiful designs that look incredible. The chakras represent the energy flow in a human body.

  1. Floral design

Image Source : PiercingModels.Com

This tattoo features the design of various flowers that extends from the top of the spine to the bottom of the back. It is especially for people who want to show their love for flowers. The tattoo is colorful and represents the beauty of flowers.

The spine tattoos looks amazing and employ a high-quality design. The time required to make a spine tattoo depends on its size and graphics.

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