When To You Ask for a Date Online

Asking a girl out is one of the greatest fears for people who enjoy online dating. Men often feel nervous and awkward about the right way to ask a girl out online and the right time to do it. Men often keep avoiding move things further because of the fear of ghosting or rejection. Unfortunately, there is no rule on how or when to do it (like asking her out right after you type her1257 characters). However, we can suggest you some tips on that matter. We’ll make it easier for you to make the next move.

Think about other competitors

Do it as soon as possible. Get her phone number. Read the article to the end, close the window and call her. This is your winning strategy. Just think about how many dudes are chatting with her and giving her compliments while you are reading! Besides, if this girl is cute, there is no doubt she is popular online on datingbrides.com. Don’t risk it! It’s not that difficult. Let your inner heartthrob do it for you.

Prove your confidence

Another key thing here is confidence. Asking a girl out is the best way to show that you are a confident man. Girls are crazy about confident men who are able to take risks. If you are waiting too long, she may think that you are an insecured boy, who is afraid to make the next step and feels fear when it comes to real life communication and serious relationships. Show this girl that you are a true man (metaphorically, of course). Keep in mind that men, who show a girl that they are starving to get some attention, look unattractive. Besides, such a behavior may raise the question WHY? Therefore, the girl may think that something is wrong about you. You don’t want to freak her out, do you?

Avoid sounding desperate

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that it’s better to spend a week online before asking a girl out. The thing is that asking a girl, you met online, out in the first/second text will make you sound desperate. What you need to do here is to show that you are ready to put the effort to fawn around her. Keep things balanced and watch her signs.

Pay attention to the signs

If all the signs (or at least one…) show that she is interested in you as a guy, you have nothing to worry about. Why rejecting someone you are interested in? Besides, these signs are usually easy to determine, as they are sent to you particularly. You CANNOT see her smile and shining eyes online but you CAN see the reaction in her texts. Thus, pay attention to what she says about your jokes. If a girl tells you that you are funny, do not hesitate – ask her out. This is the most prominent sign that she is attracted.

One more thing to pay attention to is the topic she chooses. Discussing important and personal issues with a guy online is quite telling. Think about how much you already know about her family, friends, work, plans for future, things she is worried about… If she is honest with you and lets you in her life, she is serious about you and will be happy to go on a date with you.

Finally, if you see that you have a lot in common and both of you are excited about it, don’t hesitate to ask her out. You have nothing to worry about because you will definitely find a topic to discuss. The real life conversation will go smoothly and naturally as if you have known each other for ages. It often happens when people have a lot in common.

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