Spy apps help you track your partner’s online activities

A good relationship is built up on trust, and this trust keeps falling apart when one of the partners have doubts over the other. Is your partner cheating on you? Are they getting anonymous calls and messages? You don’t know what they are doing on Facebook and SnapChat? So what if you can get all the details of their phones and online activities? You should try Hoverwatch, which undeniably is one of the best spy apps for smart phones.

How Hoverwatch works

Hoverwatch is a free mobile phone tracker which you can use to monitor the activities of your partner on a mobile phone. Hoverwatch is a spy app with invisibility feature which will keep on monitoring the partners’ mobile discreetly. This app can record calls and messages, aside from recording the audio, date, time, duration and the location from where calls were made. It also informs the user about the contact details of the phone call too. The discreet texts are also recorded by this app. The texts are captured on the database of the software with time date and contact details, and the user can retrieve them even though they are deleted from the target phone.

Hoverwatch has the option to sneak on Facebook messages of the host. It will record all the conversation made through the messenger app in form of chats. It even saves the videos and images that are being shared by the host’s phone. It can also collect details of content that are shared through messaging apps like Whatsapp and Viber. Since these are the most used messaging apps other than the default SMS, it comes handy in collecting information.

The app also comes in handy for tracking Snapchat details, since the images shared through SnapChat are automatically deleted within a few minutes. This app has feature that will record the images shared through Snapchat and saves it in its database and allows the user to view whenever they want.

This spy app for smartphones will take snaps of the screen remotely. These snapshots are stored in the cloud and the user can access them when there is a need. This is a handy feature since smartphones and tablets are used to access websites and this is will enable the user to intercept these uses by the host when needed.

on line activities

Hover watch will also record the entire internet history that is accessed through the host mobile phone. Website details, time and a screenshot will be saved for the reference of the user. It can also save the contacts which are stored in the mobile phone, aside from tracking the calendar and to-do-list of the target phone.

This app comes with a geo-location feature which allows the user to know the location details of the host. You can check whether your partner is the home/office or somewhere else. It gives you all the location details where the target phone has been to. You will come to know if your partner is lying or not the next time when they say “honey I’ll be late, have some extra work in the office”.

The spyware can access the front cam and take pictures of the user of the phone whenever they unlock the phone.

Hoverwatch is an app for android devices and is it an easy to install spy app. The host won’t even know it’s there. The user doesn’t have to root the phone to install the software or to gather the information from it. The dashboard feature will enable you to monitor the activities from a computer.

All the information is stored in cloud and with a username and password you can access the information about the person so you don’t worry about sneaking in and taking your partner’s phone. This app is from the famous employee monitoring and key logging software manufacturer Refog.

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