Top 8 body art magazines

Top 8 body art magazines

It’s always good to be updated with everything that’s tattoo related. Here is a list of the best tattoo magazines that come in good price and most importantly, they do what they are supposed to do. They come with great art details, pictures, information on artists and much more. That’s everything that an individual would need. Other expensive tattoo magazines contain the same things, while some of them contain a little less. The best advice would be to save the money assorted to buy an expensive tattoo magazine, for your next tattoo as that’s going to be permanent, not the magazine. The magazine usually gets dumped on some shelf or the other, once read. So, it is advisable to buy one of the magazines listed below.

1) Skin & Ink: This magazine is a perfect blend when it comes to looks and information. Besides the fabulous pictures that it contains, individuals can gain good information regarding body art and how it has been in the past and present society. There might not be a large collection of photographs, but good enough to satisfy an individual’s wants.

2) Tattoo Flash: This is a magazine with pictures that has all color and no ads at all. Its big magazine that contains all the drawings and photographs that can be included. Individuals, who are looking for flashy and a variety of tattoos, will definitely appreciate this magazine. There are very few small reading about certain artists or collectors, but besides that its complete art.

3) Skin Art: Skin Art is a magazine that’s straight on and doesn’t hide art that’s on the dark or wild side, whether liked or not. The pictures in the magazine are big, bold and colorful without a doubt. A few excellent artists are also featured along with their thoughts and words. The only problem here is there are many ads in the magazine and searching for the exclusive stuff takes some time.

4) Tattoo: This is one magazine that has been around for a long time and still lives up to every demand that its readers have. It contains many pictures and profiles of artists. This magazine also updates its readers with everything that’s ‘on’ and everyone that’s ‘in’.

5) Tattoo Savage: This magazine is wrapped in plastic and looks like an adult magazine when it’s packed, don’t worry it’s not. It contains amazing tattoo artistry and is a very professional magazine. Even children can check out most of the stuff in it, however, some of the artwork inside it does fall towards the bizarre side.

6) Tattoo Revue: This magazine contains a lot of colored pictures and conventional coverage, making it a good publication that can be gone through and read. It’s got very little information and content, but contains a lot of brilliant pictures and quality art as well.

7) International Tattoo Art: This is one magazine that goes throughout the world and brings in global art, even though it is published in the U.S. A reader can read about everything that brilliant global artists have to say about art and other things. Off late, the magazine has decided to censor the pictures that display nipples or genitals.

8) Tattoos For Women: This article is not that dynamic as compared to the others, but is added here because of the constant effort taken to make this a women’s magazine. The arts and models are completely alive and beautiful, although the picture quality seems to be lacking as their mostly submissions. This magazine has less added details and more real and natural properties.

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