Foot tattoo tips for an amateur tattoo artist

Foot tattoo

Tattoo is considered to be an ornamental drawing for the youngsters these days. They love to have tattoo on their bodies as it has been granted a style statement now. The craze of being tattooed is going up day by day. Tattoos are meant to be stylish and trendy. In fact, tattoos have become a primary attraction for the tourists at certain tourist places around the world.

They visit those places just to have a beautiful tattoo on their bodies. Nowadays, drawing tattoos is also becoming a profession for some young tattoo artists. And of course, they are earning handsome money. To become a perfectionist and professionally sound tattoo artist, you need to concentrate on and learn the skills. It needs an efficiency and experience to draw a beautiful tattoo skillfully, so that the customer experiences least pain.

Small tattoos on the foot always add an extra bit of X- factor to the stylish image. It requires a lot of caution and care to make a tattoo. If you are a new tattoo artist, you might need to follow some tips compiled below to make sure your customer does not experience much pain to have a tattoo on his foot.


1. You can select designs such as butterfly star signs, stars, floral designs, hearts, and flower vines to draw it as a foot tattoo.

2. Select a fleshy part on the foot instead of any bony part as it’s painful to carve on the bony part.

3. Choose a small area on the foot to draw the tattoo.

4. Select any bright and dark color for the tattoo as light color fades away easily in few days.

5. Spread the individual needles apart for better ink flow on your shader.

6. Adjust the shader flat and put a razor blade between the outside sharps. With a bit pressure, tip the razor and bend the sharps a little outwards.

7. Create the outlines over the top of the stencil lines by starting at the bottom right and line it towards the top left.

8. Wipe away the fluids such as blood and sweat with the help of a tissue as these fluids disturbs you outlines and your view to work on the tattoo.

9. Wear gloves and glasses for your safety.

10. Do not be money oriented to draw a tattoo on your customer’s foot if his skin gets irritated or you see any kind of infection on their skin by trying to carve the tattoo. You can request them not to draw a tattoo. It could harm their health.

11. Instruct your customers to take care of their foot in a proper way after the tattoo has been carved.

12. Instruct them to put their foot in an elevated position after the tattoo has been made. This helps to reduce swelling.

13. Instruct them to protect the foot from pollution. For that they should take a vacation from their work.

14. Tell them not to use socks and shoes for some days to prevent swelling and irritation on the foot.

15. Advise them not to drive the car until the foot is completely pain-free and cured.

16. Instruct them to take plenty of water to remain hydrated as it helps in quick recovery of the foot.

17. Ask them to take care of the redness, swelling, irritation, and oozing of the blood to avoid any kind of skin problems.

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