Tips to pick a flower tattoo design for yourself

Flower tattoo

Deciding on what tattoo to get inked is a tough task – not only is it an expression of yourself, it is also going to be with you for posterity (or that’s the idea, definitely!) For women, the options usually include feminine things such as butterflies, stars, birds and so on. Flowers are a good idea for tattoos for women, and even men, because they are beautiful, they look graceful and you really can’t go too wrong with them. Colorful flowers on any part of your body would look good, be they big or small, a bouquet or a single stem. So if you’re out to get your first flower tattoo, you might want to keep the following points in mind to come to a suitable decision.

1. Tattoos are an expression of yourself. They are more appealing if they mean something to you and say something about you to the world. So before deciding on what to get inked, think about what it is that you want to say – be it some sort of self-definition, statement or just something you love for its beauty.

Hibiscus. 2. Flowers as symbols carry meanings too, like everything else around us. You can decide on the tattoo by choosing a flower that means something to you. For meanings, you could refer toaboutflowers or 800florals. The most common options are hibiscus, lotus, rose, marigold, cherry blossoms and so on.

3. For that added touch of ‘you’, try to make your tattoo as unique as possible. Make sure you do proper research on options for your tattoo – sift through the Net and books for ideas, but try to do something rarely seen before. The great thing about flower tattoos is that they’re flexible. You can add butterflies or stars or more flowers or a fairy or simply words and the tattoo will only be enhanced.

More than a flower

4. Work with a well-known artist to ensure that your tattoo is in good hands. Good artists will be able to give you ideas on how to enhance your tattoo and you, in due course, will have the opportunity to put their creativity to good use. Also, ask around for recommendations while choosing your artist keeping health factors in mind.

5. Finally, try not to rush into getting a tattoo. This is a process about creating art with your body as the canvas, so think long and hard about your tattoo. Of course, flower tattoos are graceful even if they don’t have a story behind them, but a thoughtless tattoo that you might later regret will be expensive and painful in the long run.

Flower tattoo on shoulder

Getting a flower tattoo is usually a safe bet, especially if it is your first time and you are confused by the myriad options in front of you. To take your body art to a whole other level, make sure it is not just ink in beautiful colors on you, but a story and a statement.

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